NHL Prospect Shootout 2 – Day 2 Roundup

By Martin Dittman

The organizers of this tournament had to be unhappy after the first night
of action. A bench clearing brawl initiated by Ty Jones gave the tournament
a black eye and had to hope for better results during Tuesday night’s games.
Unfortuantly, it went from fight night to blowouts. The Detroit Red Wings
and Chicago Blackhawks were blown right out of the Grand Traverse Bay area
and ended up somewhere across Lake Michigan. Or at least it seemed that
way. If you liked watching teams self-destruct, this was your night.

GAME 3 – Detroit VS. Nashville

On paper, this game looks even. Both teams have a marquee prospect in
Brian Finley and Jiri Fischer. Each lack much depth at forward. But on the
ice it was a much a different story. While the Wings didnt play awful, the
defense rested in stretches. The Predators took the lead 10 seconds into
the game and never looked back, beating the Red Wings 6-3.

The Predators scored three goals in the first and again in the second
period and that was more than enough. The Predators had no real star on
this night but they did have a solid defensive game. Ed Hill, Brett Angel,
and Kent Sauer all had strong defensive efforts. Sauer also added two
assists. Martin Bartek added a goal and an assist leading the offense.
Konstantin Panov also had a strong night, scoring a goal and having several
offensive opportunities. 1999 second round draft pick Jonas Andersson
continues to have trouble adjusting to the larger rink but did have a goal
tonight and used his speed well. While all this offense was nice, the real
difference in this game was the goaltending. While Detroit’s Patrick Dovigi
struggled, Brian Finley made some key saves to help make the difference. He
seemed calm and confident as he stopped 34 shots.

On the other hand, there was Dovigi. He struggled quickly by letting one
get by him ten seconds in and things didnt get much better for him. While
he and the defense had some stretches of good play, they often had
withdrawls and struggled throughout the game. There were a few positives
for the Red Wings. Ken Davis, Yuri Butsayev, and John Wikstrom all put up a
decent game. While Butsayev had a decent offensive game, it was apparent his
defense might need some polishing. He is known as a good two way center but
it appears he will need to step it up. The bright spot for the Wings was the
group of Chris Stanley, Quintin Laing and Sean Avery. Laing had a goal and
an assist, as did Avery. Avery and Stanley are both trying to win contracts
with the Red Wings. Avery has grown slowly in the OHL while Stanley was
drafted 90th overall by the Canucks in 1997. Stanley has battled injuries
throughout his career, but, so far, he looks good at camp.

1st Period-
Nsh - Erat, 1 (Riva) :10
Det - Hunter, 1 (Laing) 8:11
Nsh - Gallk, 1 (Bartek) 9:54
Nsh - Andersson, 1 (Beauchesne,Fitzgerald) 13:30
2nd Period-
Nsh - Panov, 1 (Sauer, McDade) 4:24
Det - Laing, 1 (Avery, Stanley) 9:50
Nsh - Angel, 1 (Seguin) 11:10
Nsh - Bartek, 1 (Sauer) 17:04
3rd Period-
Det - Avery, 1 (Wikstrom) 9:16

Det - Dovigi 21/27
Nsh - Finley 34/37

GAME 4 – Chicago VS. St. Louis

This game also looked even on paper, but as in Game 1 of the tournament,
the Chicago Blackhawks gave up a lead as the Blues scored five goals in the
third to come out on top with a 6-2 victory. While this game didnt have the
commotion and brawls of Game 1, Ty Jones still found a sparring partner.
Instead of Ryan Barnes and the Red Wings bench, it was Brandon Sugden. If
scoring means anything, Sugden got the last laugh. He scored the game
winner in the third.

The Blues came out quickly as Andrei Trochisky continued his solid play
as he scored 6:24 into the first period. The offensive star on this night
for the Blues would be Tyler Rennette, once again. He continued the strong
play he used against the Predators, this time scoring his third goal and he
added an assist late in the game. The highly touted Ladislav Nagy got his
first point of the tournament on Sugden’s goal. Nagy has looked somewhat
apprenhensive early but seems to be loosening up as the tournament
continues. Petr Smrek came back with another strong game. He not only
played well defensively but also added two assists. Alex Westlund stopped 24
shots to get the victory.

The Hawks on the other hand, went from a good game, to a poor effort.
The team played well for the first two periods only to see the Blues
dominate the third. The offense was shut down as they put up only five
shots in the third period. Jeff Maund was rattled early in the third.
After playing well for two periods, he gave up a goal to Marc Brown only :44
into the third, tying the game. The Hawks’ defense seemed to give up on
Maund forcing him to face 16 shots in the third period alone. To add insult
to injury, the Blues scored twice against Maund in the final two minutes of
play. Steve McCarthy scored his first goal of the tournament on a feed from
Dimitri Tolkunov, but the pairing struggled in the third period, often
taking too many chances. Mark Bell and Kyle Calder connected with each other
once again, allowing Bell to score his second giving the Hawks a 2-1 lead.
The bad news for the pair was they were out there during several of the
Blues’ goals.

1st Period-
Stl- Trochinsky, 1 (Stock) 6:24
2nd Period-
Chi - McCarthy, 1 (Tolkunov) 10:41
Chi - Bell, 2 (Calder) 16:17
3rd Period-
Stl - Brown, 1 (Razinger, Smrek) :44
Stl - Sugden, 1 (Batovsky, Nagy) 9:51
Stl - Rennette, 3 (Unassisted) 11:01
Stl - Homer, 1 (Smrek) 18:53
Stl - Wasyluk, 1 (Rennette, Stock) 19:30

Chi - Maund 34/40
Stl - Westlund 24/26


St. Louis 2-0-0 10 GF 5 GA
Rennette 3-1-4; Smrek 0-3-3; Trochinsky 1-2-3

Nashville 1-1-0 9 GF 7 GA
Panov 1-1-2; Schill 2-0-2; Gallk 1-1-2; Sauer 0-2-2; Fitzgerald 0-2-2;
Bartek 1-1-2

Detroit 0-1-1 6 GF 9 GA
Avery 1-1-2; Borodkin 1-1-2; Butsayev 1-1-2; Laing 1-1-2; Hunter 1-1-2

Chicago 0-1-1 5 GF 9 GA
Calder 1-2-3; Bell 2-0-2; Mara 0-2-2; McCarthy 1-1-2


Chicago VS. Nashville

Detroit VS. St. Louis