“Possibilities at #4”

By pbadmin

Why would the Blackhawks management bring in Brendl, Lundmark, and Connolly to Chicago as they did June 12th? Well, if you don’t bring them in, the other teams won’t think you are really interested in dropping unless they see you doing interviews….

Well because you may drop down if you feel that ”The GUY” is someone really rated lower. (Remember how Toronto knew this when they traded down two slots from #8 to #10 with the Bell -Antropov switch.) You could work the board and add picks by dropping one slot at a time….

You don’t know what teams might offer for #4 until right before the draft, what do you do, when and if the hawks see the FEEDING FRENZY…so what “might-could” happen?

Here are some off the wall possibilities
1)LA offers Aki Berg plus #8
2) You do trade with Isles and drop one….or
3) Or maybe Rangers are working the proposed Palffy deal with Isles and they will need to get to Hawk pick in some trade combo where they want the Hawk pick TO DEAL WITH ISLANDERS, or the palffy trade will yield picks for the Isles that may be used to get the #4 pick.
4) Or maybe the reported trade talks with Vancouver yields Mogilny and McCabe, so the Blackhawks get “respectable” instead of a potential star.
4) Hawks acquire Bryan Allen and Mogilny a more than fair return at #4
5) Hawks acquire Olhund one up for the pick. (Doubtful because he is untoucable)
6) Hawks deal the 4th for all for all Washington’s second rounders or a combo of #7 +
7) David Poile again wants to move up ala Legwand/SJ move and offers the hawks his #6 overall plus a #33 …
8) The Hawks will pick Henrik Sedin…and lose him a few years later in free agency or he is a complete bust and every players in the top 12 becomes a star except him!

So there you have all the imaginary possibilities, but one thing is certain: this is the pick the most interest will be in, since it either gets you the “other” Sedin or one of the other elite four.

Here is how I fared:

Predictions I made two weeks prior to draft

# 4 Henrik Sedin C -> drafted #3 Vancouver
# 23 Nick Boynton D -> drafted #21 Boston
# 36 Evan Lindsay G -> drafted #107 Montreal
# 57 Tony Salmelainen LW -> drafted #41 Edmonton
# 91 David Inman C -> drafted #131 Rangers
#123 Konstantin Panov RW -> drafted #122 Colorado
#179 Adam Johnson D -> drafted #140 Isles
#180 Tom Kostopolous RW -> drafted #204 Pittsburgh
#207 Michael Leighton G -> drafted #165 Chicago
#234 Andre Lakos D -> drafted #95 by New Jersey !
#235 Ivan Rachunek F -> drafted #187 Tampa Bay