A look at the Montreal Prospects camp

By Paul Tanasi

The Prospects Tournament was held in Hull last night. It was also a good opportunity to check out the up and coming stars for Florida, Tampa and Ottawa. Ottawa seemed to have the best prospects, followed by Tampa, then Florida. Montreal gets 4th by default.

There’s no knight in shiny armor in the crew of Montreal prospects. Below is how each player did. Keep in mind this is only one game and they’ve probably never played together before so they did look out of place.

Gordie Dwyer-Excellent fore checker, solid body checks, 1 assist, 2 fights (one win, one draw) will play in Quebec (AHL) but zero chance of any NHL time in my opinion.

Konstantin Sidulov-Didn’t impress, didn’t disappoint, was pretty much invisible. He was a little on the small side.

Francois Beauchemin-Brisebois, Robidas…you get the picture. May make it to NHL just because the Habs always give these guys a shot. Kind of reminds me of Brian Campbell, smallish and non-physical but a strong skater and nice passer.

Matt Carkner-Raw, good size, no offensive skills, weak skater but could be the next Brad Brown which isn’t too bad really. He could play for another team down the road.

Jason Lehoux- 2 fighting majors, lost one badly to Kyle Freadrich of Tampa, drew on the second. Didn’t look terribly out of place on a terrible looking team.

Eric Chouinard- How the Habs selected Chouinard over Simon Gagne is a mystery. He’s a floater, looked terrible (although it could have been the small ice surface) definitely not worthy of 1st round status. He did look huge out there although he never used his size once.
Will he play in Mtl?? Politics say yes. Scored a goal.

Sean Dixon-Another smallish defenseman, however he uses the body a lot more than Beauchemin. Was used on the PP and got plenty of ice time all game. Reminds one of JJ Daigneault with the way he skates and moves the puck (which is actually good).

Micheal Ryder-Smallish winger, good speed, got hurt early and never seemed to get back in the game. Didn’t notice anything special about him.

Alexander Buturlin- Looks to have tremendous skill, very fast, excellent stick handler but Paul Mara knocked him silly twice on one shift and he played scared the rest of the game. He definitely needs to get used to the physical North American style. He could play in the NHL in the future but just like Valeri Bure, the Habs will need to be patient. He scored a goal and an assist and was the third star. Basically a bright spot on a sorry looking team.

Dan Watson- Good size, uses his body, made some good defensive plays. Could be the sleeper on the team.

Daniel Tessier-Yes, the Dan Tessier from the 67’s. Was used to take important draws. Same old Tessier, lots of heart and desire but unfortunately won’t make it.

Darcy Harris-Mark this guy in your books, he was impressive. Solid hits all night, easily won his fight. He could find a job in the NHL if he plays like that every night.

Marc-Andre Thinel- Small, non physical, do nothing special player. Probably a wasted pick

Sebastien Thinel-See above.

Dusty Jamieson-Here’s another kid that impressed me. Excellent speed and good scoring instincts. Reminds me a bit of Jim Campbell. May land a job in Montreal someday with Savage type numbers.

Gennady Razin-One of the best players on the ice for Montreal. Solid stay at home d-man. Good size, good body checker. He may get some action this season in Montreal if injuries take their toll.

Jason Ward-Didn’t impress me or maybe I was expecting too much. He might be another Turner Stevenson it’s hard to tell. He looked great on some shifts but then he looked like he had trouble skating on others. Might make Montreal by default next season. Could be one of those guys who gets better with a few years under his belt. Has future captain written all over him.

Mike Ribiero-He may possess all the skill in the world but he was more concerned with constantly checking out the crowd than he was with the game. You can tell he has the skills needed to succeed but with his size that he’ll ever make it to the NHL. On one play he was streaking down the boards and Paul Mara easily knocked him down hard with one hand sending him flying. Needs to work on his skating.

Evan Lindsay-So so performance. Can’t judge a goalie from one game but he doesn’t look like he’ll pass Theodore or Garon on his way to the NHL.