Red Wings: Training camp report, Day 1

By Jessica Haskin

The Detroit Red Wings 2003 training camp started on Friday morning with the team and prospects being split into four separate teams. Each team has a two thirty minute running time periods against another team to compete for the gold in the game on Tuesday night. The teams then have drills for the rest of their on-ice practice.

The teams are split up as follows:

Team A

Boisvert, Hugo
Bootland, Darryl
Brisson, David
Cuddihy, Jimmy
Dandenault, Mathieu
Devereaux, Boyd
Groulx, Danny
Hasek, Dominik
Schneekloth, Aaron
Schneider, Mathieu
Spiewak, Kevin
Williams, Jason
Yzerman, Steve
Zetterberg, Henrik

Team B

Datsyuk, Pavel
Fischer, Jiri
Germyn, Carson
Hatcher, Derrian
Inman, Danny
King, Derek
Kopecky, Tomas
Kutny, Vladimir
Legace, Manny
McCarty, Darren
MacDougald, Jeff
Oulahen, Ryan
Richards, Travis
Rodney, Brian
Van Drunen, David
Whitney, Ray

Team C

Ballantyne, Paul
Barnes, Ryan
Chaumont, Bobby
Draper, Kris
Hull, Brett
Koopmans, Logan
Kronwall, Niklas
Lamothe, Marc
Lidstrom, Nicklas
Matlby, Kirk
Miller, Kevin
Picard, Michel
Shouneyia, John
Woolley, Jason

Team D

Beaulieu, Pierre-Olivier
Chelios, Chris
Ellis, Matt
Fleischmann, Tomas
Holmstrom, Tomas
Horvath, Scott
Hudler, Jiri
MacDonald, Joey
MacIntyre, Drew
Meech, Derek
Mowers, Mark
Quincey, Kyle
Rivers, Jamie
Robinson, Nathan
Shanahan, Brendan
Skarperurd, Tim

In today’s games, Team A beat Team B 4-1 in the first game of the Red Wings training camp. Team A’s Steve Yzerman, returning to training camp after missing last year with knee surgery, scored the first goal on Manny Legace with assists from Mathieu Schneider and Henrik Zetterberg.

Camp tryout David Brisson scored the second and fourth goals for Team A with Jimmy Cuddihy setting him up both times.

Tomas Kopecky scored the only goal for Team B against returning goaltender Domink Hasek with an assist from Travis Richards.

Hugo Boisvert scored the third goal for Team A against Jeff MacDougland with an assist from Jason Williams.

Team C fell to Team D by a score of 3-0.

Tomas Holmstrom scored the only goal against Marc Lamothe who faced 15 shots.

Brendan Shanahan scored the first goal against Logan Koopmans with assists from Jiri Hudler and Holmstrom.

Pierre-Olivier Beaulieu scored the third goal with a shot from the blueline. Tomas Fleischmann and Scott Horvath had the assists.

Half way through the second period, Kirk Maltby had a shot that deflected off of a stick and headed towards Kris Draper. Although the puck wasn’t going to hit him and was around waist level Draper ducked and covered his face drawing a laugh from the audience.