Maple Leafs: Pre-season recap

By Kevin Kelly

Leafs struggle in Mile One exhibition

The Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Ottawa
Senators at Mile One September 27th wasn’t a great night
if you cheered for the Blue and White. The Leafs, who
didn’t arrive in St. John’s until 4:30 am that morning
after playing in Ottawa the night before, looked like
a team in a fog as the Sens, led by Jason Spezza and
Daniel Alfredsson, beat the Leafs handily 5-1. Mikael
was the Leafs player of the game, but he
didn’t get a lot of help. The game featured few
highlights for Toronto fans (except for a couple of
big hits by Darcy Tucker as well as some fights).

Firing a lowly 13 shots at Sens goalie Martin Prusek
on the night, Alexander Mogilny scored the lone Leaf
goal, the first goal by a Toronto Maple Leaf at Mile
One. Hall of Fame goalie (and Leafs executive) Ken
Dryden and new Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr. were
present for the contest.

After the game, Toronto assigned 16 players to St.
John’s. They include goaltenders Mike Minard,
Sebastien Centomo and JF Racine; Defensemen Marc Moro,
Jay Harrison, Regan Kelly, Brendan Bell, David Turon
along with forwards Josh Holden, Aaron Gavey, the
injured Harold Druken, Luca Cereda, Kyle Wellwood,
Robb Palahnuk, Nathan Barrett and Jeff Daw.
Defenseman Chris Chartier has also joined St. John’s
and some players from Memphis including two-time CHL
MVP Don Parsons, Kahlil Thomas and Jay Neal (the River
Kings top three scorers last season) will play an
exhibition game in Corner Brook Thursday night as well
as games in Gander and at Mile One.

Perrott shines

Nathan Perrott has been playing extremely well in
Toronto’s training camp. However, it doesn’t look like
he’ll be sticking in Toronto especially with tough
guys Wade Belak and Tie Domi already there. The team did protect the rugged winger ahead of costly veteran centers Travis Green and Robert Reichel for this Friday’s waiver draft, so it’s clear that Perrott has made a memorable first impression on the Leafs management.


6,247 people paid $80 each to see the exhibition game.

Kyle Wellwood looks awfully small and maybe that’s why
he was ticketed for St. John’s. That being said, he
played alright in the Toronto exhibition game. Pierre
Hedin, on the other hand, was responsible for a huge
gaffe that led to a Sens goal.

Leaf fans are ecstatic to see goalie Mike Minard back
in the Leaf fold. But how long he’ll stay is anyone’s
guess. If Jamie Hodson is sent down, which is probably
likely, it might bump Minard out of the picture as
Sebastien Centomo looks to rebound from a disastrous
year last season. The goaltending glut will only get worse
when Trevor Kidd returns from his knee injury, and Tellqvist is sent down to the Rock.