UK: Newcastle signs top prospect

By Liam Peverley

Newcastle sign top prospect

The Newcastle Vipers have signed a two-way contract with Michael Allinson, currently of the Sunderland Chiefs.

The 17-year-old Allinson is one of the most highly regarded prospects in British hockey. He follows a long line of British talent from the North East. He played his first senior season in 2002-03 for the Sunderland Chiefs in the English National League (North) where he was second in team scoring. Allinson recorded 13 goals and 13 assists for 26 points in 15 games, and served 32 PIMs.

Allinson is a gritty forward capable of playing all positions. Physical to go along with his goal-scoring instinct, Allinson has power forward potential. His dominance in the ENL (North) at such a young age bodes well for his future professional career.

Allinson isn’t a stranger to the Vipers as he suited up for seven games for them last season and trained with them. This deal however isn’t just an extension of last season.

This season Allinson will continue to ice regularly with Sunderland, but will train with Newcastle and play on their third line. It is expected he will get more playing time with Newcastle this season.

Vipers GM Clyde Tuyl said of Allinson, "This is a great opportunity for Michael, he played a couple of games with us last season and we were very impressed with what he brought to the team. Like the Stephen Wall agreement, we are delighted to have forged our relationship further with the Sunderland Chiefs, it is certainly the type of arrangement that will help develop the hockey players of the future. We are always looking to bring on the local lads and hopefully further down the line we may come to further agreements with the Billingham Bombers, Sunderland Chiefs and Whitley Warriors. It’s a step in the right direction for the sport in the North East, these players could well be the next Jonathan Weavers and David Longstaffs”.