Q&A with George Davis

By Kevin Forbes

Mighty Duck prospect George Davis participated in four training camps at three levels of pro hockey before returning to the Halifax Mooseheads. The right wing is now being called upon to help lead a young QMJHL squad. Davis recently spoke to Hockey’s Future after practice about being drafted
and his experiences so far. In 20 games with the Moose, the 20-year-old Davis has 8 assists
and 88 penalty minutes.

Hockey’s Future: First off, what do you think you bring to a team?

George Davis: I bring a lot of physical play and I take care of the
more skilled players, to keep them from getting hit and hurt.

HF: You went to the training camp and you were also at the training
camp for the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. How was that for you?

GD: I was at the main camp for the Mighty Ducks, and well, actually
it started off with the rookie camp, I went to the main camp, then I went to
Cincinnati, then I went to San Diego. There was a big difference between
Cincinnati and the main camp. It’s just totally different with the work
ethic and all that, so it was a real good experience to get to all of

HF: Did you come away from the camp with more focus on your goals?

GD: Oh for sure. Once you go there and you come away and realize what
it takes to get to that level. It gives you that little extra boost when you
get there.

HF: You were drafted in 2002, fifth round. Did
you go to Toronto?

GD: Yeah, I was in Toronto.

HF: So you got to come down and get the sweater?

GD: Yeah.

HF: Did you know Anaheim was interested in you?

GD: No I didn’t. I talked to a lot of NHL teams and had

HF: Did you figure you were going to go in the fifth round?

GD: No, I had no idea, actually.

HF: What are you adding to the Mooseheads right now?

GD: Same thing, well it’s a little different here because I’m an
overager, they want me to lead a lot more. But I’m physical, but I’m getting
a few points here. That’s one of the main reasons why I came back was to
work on my overall hockey skills.

HF: Did they tell you to work on anything in particular?

GD: They told me that I needed to pick up my footspeed and stuff like
that, so I thought if I came back here, I could get more icetime than I
would up there, so I would get a better chance to work on my skills.

HF: Just one last question, who’s your favorite hockey player?

GD: I really don’t have one now, but Wendel Clark, I loved Wendel
Clark. When I was younger, he was my favorite hockey player.

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