Statement from Hockey’s Future regarding Adam Munro interview

By Ken McKenna

Statement from Hockey’s Future regarding the Adam Munro interview

As some
of you may have noticed, an interview with Chicago Blackhawks prospect Adam
Munro was pulled from both the Hockey’s Future home page and from the AHL page
at Hockey’s Future.  The reason for the
removal of this interview is that it was not in fact an interview with Adam,
but instead an interview with someone posing as Adam.


The writers at Hockey’s
Future do their best to make sure that the content in their articles is
factual.  Also, the Hockey’s Future
editorial staff checks out each article before being posted at Hockey’s Future,
for the purpose of ensuring that the article being posted is both factual and
of good quality.


In this case, the writer did
not sufficiently check his sources, resulting in the posting of the fallacious
Adam Munro interview.


On behalf of the owners and
staff of Hockey’s Future, I would like to express our sincerest apologies to
Adam Munro, as well as to the organizations of the Chicago Blackhawks and
Norfolk Admirals.  Hockey’s Future in no
way meant to harm Adam’s future as a prospect in the Blackhawks organization,
nor did we mean to post anything negative towards the two organizations. 


Additionally, we deeply
regret the comments that were posted at the Blackhawks message board that
directly resulted from the posting of this interview.  Adam is certainly not deserving of that sort of treatment (nor is
anyone), so we have removed the thread and offer our apologies to Adam.


I have personally
interviewed Adam in the past, and know that he is a fine young man.  Let me assure all Blackhawks’ fans, as well
as all visitors to the Hockey’s Future web site, that Adam is nothing like the
statements that were attributed to him in that false interview.  We at Hockey’s Future wish Adam nothing but
the best in his quest to become a NHL goaltender.




Ken McKenna

Managing Editor, Hockey’s