A look at the prospects playing in AIK

By pbadmin

Forsberg, Anger, Enblom, Tallinder, Sandstrom, Lundstrom — Profiles, stats
and comments on how they are doing this season and their chances of playing in
the NHL

Jonas Forsberg

Position: Goalie, Born: 1975, Height: 5-10, Weight: 175

Drafted: 9/1993 (210 overall) by San Jose

Current Stats: GP: 19, GAA: 3.06, SVS%: 89.19

Forsberg who once was a very promising goalie has had some rigid seasons
behind him. He has always got enough of ice-time but he has been very uneven.
Some games Forsberg was incredible and other nights terrible. He is currently
playing his 2 nd season with AIK and he’s the starting goalie. Last year he
shared the job with Mattias Pettersson but now he is the nr.1 goalie. This
season Forsberg has been acting more solid than ever and it appears like his
development is continuing. But still he is considered as a longshot when it
comes to making a name for him self in the NHL.

Per-Anton Lundstrom

Position: Defenseman, Born: 1977, Height: 6-2, Weight: 188

Drafted: 3/1996 (62 overall) by Phoenix

Current Stats: GP: 28, G: 3, A: 4, P: 7, PIM: 26

Just like goalie Jonas Forsberg, this guy has had some difficulties with his
development, the past seasons. Per-Anton was a great prospect when he was a
junior player with MoDo. Phoenix “saw” his skills and drafted him in the 3 rd
round in the NHL draft in 96. The same year (96/97) Lundstrom had a terrible
season with MoDo in the Elite League. He played 35 games and wasn’t registered
for anything other than 42 PIM. So after that season Lundstrom went to 2 nd
tier-league team, Bjorkloven, where he remained for two seasons. His first
season was really good when he managed 19 points in 31 contests. But just like
when he played with MoDo Per-Anton didn’t have the strength to play well the
next coming season. But anyway, AIK was interested in Lundstrom’s talent so
they acquired him for this season. No one can say that AIK did the wrong thing
because Lundstrom has been playing very well so far. He is the 4 th scoring
defenseman, to the rear of some more experienced players like Rikard Franzén,
Dick Tarnstrom and Anaheim prospect Jan Sandstrom.

Jan Sandstrom

Position: Defenseman, Born: 1978, Height: 6-0, Weight: 190

Drafted: 6/1999 (173 overall) by Anaheim

Current Stats: GP: 28, G: 2, A: 6, P: 8, PIM: 18

Sandstrom is improving every game and he looks more and more like a top elite
league defenseman. He appears to be stronger, more willing to play physical
and more solid than last season. Jan plays a good two-way game and he is a
very hardworking defenseman. His shot might not be the most accurate but his
passing skills are impressing. In some aspects he actually reminds a bit of
Niklas Lidstrom, but it’s along way to go if he even want’s to become near of
Lidstrom’s caliber.

Henrik Tallinder

Position: Defenseman, Born: 1979, Height: 6-3, Weight: 201

Drafted: 2/1997 (48 overall) by Buffalo

Current Stats: GP: 28, G: 0, A: 1, PIM: 49

A very defensive player who’s a characteristic stay-at-home defenseman with no
urge to be an offensive threat. Tallinder enjoys playing physical and resolute
around the goalie and along the boards. His work ethics are impressive but he
still has to get more solid if he want’s to be successful in Sweden, and in
the NHL. He is ranked as the 6 th / 7 th defenseman on the team and it could
do him good if he went over to a team in the AHL or IHL. It almost feels like
he “too defensive” to play in Sweden. His efforts would very likely be more
honoured in America.

Niklas Anger

Position: Forward, Born: 1977, Height: 6-1, Weight: 188

Drafted: 5/1995 (112 overall) by Montreal

Current Stats: GP: 28, G: 3, A: 8, P: 11, PIM: 10

Anger is ranked 8 th on the team in scoring and is having his best elite
league season so far. He could score some more points if he got more ice-time
but he still plays rather much on the 3 rd line with AIK. Montreal drafted
Niklas in 95 after his solid season in the junior elite league. He played 30
games with the Djurgarden junior team and was registered for 26 points
(14+12). The expectations were quite high on him as he started his career in
the Elite League. But still Anger hasn’t had his big break-through although it
seems like he is on the right direction this season. Joining Montreal in the
NHL still looks far away but if he will go on working hard and developing… who

David Engblom

Position: Forward, Born: 1977, Height: 6-1, Weight: 198

Drafted: 9/1995 (234 overall) by Detroit

Current Stats: GP: 26, G: 0, A: 1, PIM: 20

Engblom who was playing rather well last season is having a tough time this
season. He hasn’t showed enough to play with the three top lines and he is
struggling for more ice-time. Engblom has got the skills to become a good
hockey player and it’s mysterious why he’s not a regular player in AIK and in
the elite league. It could do him well if he was called down to a 2 nd
tier-league team cause than he would have had more ice-time.

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