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50% of all seats in the IHL or minimum of 5000 seats are to be priced at $10 or less in IHL arenas.


The Manitoba Moose and the Orlando Solar Bears completed a trade today. The Moose sent forward Jason MacDonald to Orlando in exchange for
defencemans Terry Hollinger.
Milwaukee Admirals: Announce Nashville has reassigned defenceman Richard Litner
to the Admirals.
Michigan K-Wings: Announce Dallas Stars have recalled left wing Ryan Christie.


You see them all the time but give them no particular thought. You see them give players towels to wipe the sweat from their eyes after a shift. The
equipment manager plays a huge role on any professional hockey team and Dale Coulthard plays a huge role with the Manitoba Moose. “Dale plays a
huge role on the team even though its a behind the scene role he is really appreciated on the team and it does not go unnoticed.” says Moose winger
Jimmy Roy.

Dale returns to the Moose after spending one season as equipment manager with the Dayton Bombers of the ECHL. Prior to going to Dayton, Dale
was the assistant equipment manager of the Moose during the teams first two seasons in Winnipeg.

Q. When did you get involved as an equipment manager?

Dale: I started with the Winnipeg South Blues of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL)
in 1993 and then moved on to the University of Manitoba and was equipment manager
for the Bisons and I also worked with the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club in the
Northern League. Came to the Moose for a couple years and went to Dayton and now
back in Winnipeg with the Moose.

Q. What was your experience in Dayton like?

Dale: Last year in Dayton there wasn’t the oppurtunity with the machines to do the stuff as a
good equipment manager is supposed to do. It was tough last year in Dayton when
someones asks you to do something and you look around, they have nothing there and
after coming from a well organized room and a quality organization as the Moose, then
going down there where they were struggling, you know, financially they never had a
quality set up. It makes the job tough.

Q. Whats a typical day like for an equipment manager?

Dale: Practice days your in about the same time as a game day. Your in at 8am and practice
days your usually out by 4pm. You come in and your set up from the night before and
you get some sharpening and repairs done, make sure everything is ready to go on the
ice. Guys go on the ice at 10am so I do my ordering and when they come off the ice make
sure their equipment is ready for the next day and do the laundry and get set up for the
next practice. Game days are a little different sometimes your in a little earlier and its a
little more of a long day cos your in that early. You do your sharpening before the pre
game skate, do your sharpening after the pre game skate. During the game is the most
down time and I get to rest and its the time where the players get to shine.

Q. What time would you be done at tonight?

Dale: Lets see. What time is now? 10:30pm. It varies. After a win like tonight the players like
to hang out a bit longer not like a loss and tonite they will hang out a bit longer because
there is no practice tomorrow. They will take their time, bring their kids in, talk, relive the
game a bit. So I would say about another hour and a half I would be out. We have a
really good set up here with laundry and with Brad Hall, we all work together and the
cleanup goes really fast and once the guys are out of here it goes a little quicker.

Q How different is it on the road?

Dale: On the road the home team takes care of everything for you. Their staff basically cleans
up the room, they do the laundry for you, so its a little easier that way. Pretty much after
20 minutes after the players leave you can leave. In that way its a little easier on the road.

I would like to thank Dale for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us here at Hockeys Future. It was much appreciated.


Tuesday January 11: Milwaukee at Orlando 7:00pm Midwest Sports Channel


Tuesday January 11: Milwaukee Admirals at Orlando Solar Bears
Kansas City Blades at Houston Aeros
Cincinnati Cyclones at Detroit Vipers