Swiss National Team Week – U20 National Team

By Martin Locher

The U20 team has won a 4-Nations tournament in the USA. “Partly, partly”, was head coach Jakob Koelliker’s answer. “We have won it, but especially the game against Germany was really bad. We have to win against opponents like Germany.”

Switzerland had many chances to score goals. Koelliker: “We are not cool enough, we should score a lot more goals.” Indeed not only the juniors, but all of the Swiss players need to take better advantage of their goal-scoring

The tournament

In a preparation game against the Rochester Mustangs, Switzerland took a 4:0 victory. The Swiss goal scorers were Bjoern Christen, Marc Reichert (2 goals) and Loic Burkhalter. Silvan Lussy and Fabian Stephan, each
added two assists. Martin Zerzuben had his first of two shut-outs. The
second followed in the tournament game against Norway.

Switzerland dominated the game and shot out the Mustangs, 22 to 9 shots.

The tournament started with a game against Germany. The game ended in a tie
at 2. Switzerland had 20 shots, while Germany was held to 14.

In the next game Norway was left scoreless. 6:0 was the final score. “Well not really an opponent for us,” coach Koelliker commented on the game. Six different players scored the goals. 35 to 3 shots – Norway is not really on the same level as Switzerland.

One of the teams goals was to be in the top two in this tournament. The last game of the tourney was played against a USHL Selection team. The winner of the game was the
tournament champion. In a tough game (25 to 27 shots) Switzerland won
4:2. The first five goals of the match were scored in the first 25 minutes.
The deciding 4th Swiss goal was scored by the two small young defensemen,
who are shaking up the Swiss A-League at the moment. Hirschi scored it on a
David Jobin helper.

Results and Swiss scorers

Tournament results

Switzerland - Germany 2:2
USHL Selection - Norway 4:3
USHL Selection - Germany 4:0
Switzerland - Norway 6:0
Germany - Norway 8:2
Switzerland - USHL Selection 4:2

Final standings: 1. Switzerland, 2. USHL Selection, 3. Germany, 4. Norway

Swiss scorers

against Germany:

Marc Heberlein (Loic Burkhalter, Goran Bezina)

Sven Helfenstein (Andre Bielmann, Martin Hoehener)

against Norway:

Paolo Duca (Sven Helfenstein, Luca Cereda)

Marc Reichert (Luca Cereda, Andre Bielmann)

Steve Hirschi (Loic Burkhalter, Marcel Sommer)

Marc Heberlein (Sebastien Reuille)

Marcel Sommer

Sebastien Reuille (Sven Helfenstein)

against USHL Selection:

Sebastien Reuille (Timo Helbling)

Marc Reichert (Bjoern Christen, Luca Cereda)

Marc Reichert (Bjoern Christen, Luca Cereda)

Steve Hirschi (David Jobin)

Unfortunately there is also something very negative to report. Bjoern
Christen got injured during the last game. He will probably miss all
remaining league games of this century. Meaning he will join the
national team camp without much preparation.

To my question as to what the Swiss teams goals are at the WJC, coach Koelliker answered: “World Champion!” Well, everyone knows that this is not realistic. He added: “We wouldn’t have to go otherwise. You go into a game to win it. So, if you win every game you are world champion.”

The coach didn’t mention something like staying in the top class as a
goal. “The minimum is to get qualified for the next round”, he said.
That shows the confidence Koelliker has in his guys. Usually Swiss
coaches don’t have a big mouth. This team is motivated. And what more
than a motivated team can you have? Switzerland will be a joy to watch in Sweden.

Swiss Roster at the USA tournament:

Position Full Name Born Team
Goaltender SIEVERT Pascal 1981 HC Lugano Jr.
COMMENTS: Covers the net well

Goaltender ZERZUBEN Martin 1981 EHC Visp
COMMENTS: not much playing time on his club

Defenseman BEZINA Goran 1980 HC Fribourg-Gotteron
COMMENTS: Phoeninx draftee, pysically tough, good defense

Defenseman HELBLING Timo 1981 HC Davos
COMMENTS: Nashville draftee, good skater and stickhandler

Defenseman HIRSCHI Steve 1981 SC Langnau
COMMENTS: small, has a good shot, got more intense

Defenseman HOEHENER Martin 1980 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: playing a great season, two-way defenseman

Defenseman JOBIN David 1981 SC Bern
COMMENTS: too small for NHL?

Defenseman KOBACH Reto 1980 EV Zug
COMMENTS: plays hard, but limited skills

Defenseman STEPHAN Fabian 1981 SC Bern
COMMENTS: good sized, good defensively

Defenseman WUEST Matthias 1980 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: bad positioning game, Kloten Jr. team captain

Center BIELMANN Andre 1980 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: small, can cover a man well, but limited skills

Center/Wing BURKHALTER Loic 1980 SC Rapperswil-Jona
COMMENTS: top Swiss scorer in B-League 98/99, skating problems

Center CEREDA Luca 1981 HC Ambri-Piotta

Left Wing CHRISTEN Bjoern 1980 SC Bern
COMMENTS: drive to the net, too soft

Right Wing DUCA Paolo 1981 HC Ambri-Piotta
COMMENTS: plays very intense, fast, couraged,

Right Wing HEBERLEIN Marc 1981 HC Davos
COMMENTS: plays hard, hard shot, fast

Left Wing HELFENSTEIN Sven 1982 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: top ranked Swiss for 2000 draft, drive to the net, vision

Center LUESSY Silvan 1980 ZSC Lions / Grasshoppers
COMMENTS: will have problems to make the WJC roster

Wing NEFF Claudio 1981 HC Davos
COMMENTS: good drive to the net, couraged, skates slow, not strong enough

Right Wing REICHERT Marc 1980 SC Bern
COMMENTS: too slow, good drive to the net

Right Wing REUILLE Sebastien 1981 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: soft power wing, bad balance,

Wing SOMMER Marcel 1980 SC Rapperswil-Jona
COMMENTS: two-way winger, couraged, strong, fast

other U20 juniors:

Goaltender ZUEGER Simon 1981 Grasshoppers
COMMENTS: Covers the net well, but won't make the WJC roster

Goaltender LUEDKE Flavio 1980 EHC Uzwil
COMMENTS: not agile, will get a fair chance, but won't make it

Defenseman DECURTINS Christoph 1980 EHC Uzwil
COMMENTS: hard shot, slow, reactive,

Defenseman LOZANOV Dejan 1980 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: agile, but only third best of the Kloten defensemen on the roster

Defenseman MAEDER Patrick 1980 HC Thurgau

Wing BECCARELLI Mauro 1981 SC Bern
COMMENTS: plays intense, drive to the net, strong,

Center CAMENZIND Joel 1980 HC Davos

Center/Wing CONNE Flavien 1980 HC Fribourg-Gotteron
COMMENTS: agile, playmaker and scorer, bad defense, smart, will be on WJC roster

Forward PERRIN Norman 1980 Servette Geneve
COMMENTS: need 1000 chances for one goal, no WJC for him

Wing RAEMY Real 1980 HC Fribourg-Gotteron
COMMENTS: disappointment this season, no WJC

Wing SUTTER Fabian 1982 SC Bern
COMMENTS: could be a surprise and on the roster, two-way thinking player

Center/Wing WICHSER Adrian 1980 EHC Kloten
COMMENTS: will play WJC, Florida draftee, great hockey sense, major back injury