2004 Prospects: Player journal by Matt Robinson

By pbadmin

This is the first in a series of bi-weekly player journals from 2004 eligible forward Matt Robinson (South Surrey – BCHL). Robinson is ranked 169th by the Central Scouting Bureau in their mid-term rankings. This first edition is just an introduction to Robinson as a person and his life in the game of hockey.

My name is Matt Robinson. I am 18 years old and I am from Surrey, British Columbia. Surrey is a great place to live because we are located right on the Pacific Ocean and it only takes me five minutes to get to the beach. We do not get any snow here in the fall so it is a perfect place to workout outside all year long.

Currently, I am playing for the South Surrey Eagles Junior A team, which plays in the BCHL. This is my second year playing for the Eagles. I was called up for 15 games three years ago for them while I was playing with the Queens Park Pirates Junior B team of the PIJHL. I only played 1 year for the Queens Park Pirates Junior B team before I made the Surrey Eagles. While playing for the Pirates I was the leading goal scorer and was selected to the All-Star Conference team.

The South Surrey Eagles are a great team to play for. The organization is first class all the way. The coach of the team is Ryan Thorpe. This is his first time as a Head Coach and he is only 23 years old. He is the youngest Head Coach in BCHL history. He is doing a great job. What makes this team great to play on and be on is that all the guys get along really well. We do so much together like going to Vancouver Canucks games, going to the movies and playing golf.

I am very fortunate to be able to still live at home while playing for the Eagles. My house is only 10 minutes from our arena. My mom is a great cook and makes the best pre-game meals. I have been able to play my entire hockey from Atom to the Eagles right here in my hometown. It is so nice to have all my family and friends come out and support me at my home games.

We are currently in first place with three games left to play. We need to win two of the three to clinch the division title. I am tied with one other player for the most goals on the team. I am hoping to score more goals in the last three games to get to be the leading goal scorer but my team’s play and defensive play will come first to make the Eagles succeed in getting the title.

My father runs a sporting goods agency so he usually has me help him with deliveries or packing of products for the stores across Canada before I leave for my team practice at 2:15. We practice for two or two and a half hours each day.

I am working very hard because Central Scouting has listed me for this year’s NHL draft. I am currently sitting at position 169 on the list. If I am not practicing or working out, I try to go to all my younger brother’s hockey games. He is playing for a Junior B team in Ladner.

My goal is to play in the NHL some day. I have been working close with Coach Thorpe lately to improve my play away from the puck and luckily I’ve come a long way but there is always room to improve. One thing physically I know I need to work on is improve my leg strength. So, this summer I will increase my work out schedule accordingly and play some roller hockey in a men’s league. I hope to add a few pounds in this off-season to help tone my legs and also allow me to be a more physical presence on the ice.

I’d like to invite you to send me some of your questions and from each journal I’ll pick one of your questions to answer. You can email me here.