2004 Prospects: Player journal by Matt Robinson

By pbadmin

2004 eligible forward Matt Robinson (BCHL – South Surrey) returns with another installment of his bi-weekly player journal. He is ranked 169th by the Central Scouting Bureau in their mid-term rankings.

Last time I left you I was just heading into the playoffs. Well, I just got back from Victoria from our two games there. The first two games of the series were played at our rink. In game 1 of the series we won 7 to 3 and I netted one in the winning cause. The next night for game 2 it was the same story except we got a shutout. We came out on top again 7 to 0 where I scored again.

The next day we headed to Victoria a day early just so we could get there and rest. Some guys managed to play poker all day and some of the other guys went to go see that new movie Starsky and Hutch. I went to the movie. I thought it was pretty funny. Even though only about six or seven of us went to the movies, we took the team bus and pulled up like we were superstars and made a grand entrance.

The next day it was back to business. In the morning we woke up at nine and walked to the ABC restaurant for some breakfast. After that we had some free time before we had our pre-game meal. Basically, free time means everybody goes to play poker. After that we walked to the Macaroni Grill for a very good pre-game meal. We had salad and every kind of pasta you could ever imagine. After that we had an hour or so to have a nap then it was off to Victoria’s brand new rink which was unbelievably nice. When the game started, we jumped out to an early 2 to 0 lead but that was shortly lived. They tied us at 2 but we went on to win 7 to 3. We were pretty happy that we were up 3 to 0 in the series.

The next day it was game 4 and a chance to finish it. We started flat and were down 3 goals by the end of the first period. The team came out strong for the second period tying the game at 3 each and then went ahead by 1. I scored the first goal for us. It was a close game but we lost 5 to 4. After the game everybody was disappointed that we could not finish it. Wednesday we hopped back on the ferry for home and a day off. But Thursday it’s right back to work as we play game 5 in our barn hopefully to finish the series.

I’d like to thank Brian G. from Dallas, TX for this week’s question:

Are you hoping to earn a Division 1 scholarship to an American university?

I am looking to earn a scholarship for the 2005-06 season. There has been a lot of interest but I have had some academic problems stemming from my high school grades. The NCAA is really where I want to play so I am going the extra mile with a tutor. I won’t begin the tutoring until after my BCHL season ends but when it does I’m going to boost some of my high school grades up and also take the SAT’s again. It sounds like a lot of work but I think the NCAA is the best opportunity for me so I’m going to do this tutoring and then make a selection around mid-year next year as far as what school to attend.

Be sure to keep sending in your questions to me and I’ll answer them in my next journal. Thanks for all the support I got in some of your e-mails and if I didn’t get to your question this time, send it in again and I’ll try and get to it next time. Go Surrey!