2004 Prospects: Player journal by Sean Garrity

By pbadmin

2004 eligible forward Sean Garrity (Green Bay – USHL) returns with another installment of his bi-weekly player journal. He is ranked 98th by the Central Scouting Bureau in their mid-term rankings. He is heading to St. Cloud State University in the Fall of 2004.


We’ve been on the road for the last month playing three games per weekend while in a
playoff race with the Danville Wings and the Waterloo Black Hawks. We are currently
three points behind both teams with seven games yet to play and have Waterloo two
more times. This past weekend we played in River City, Tri City and Sioux Falls. We
went one and two. This weekend we play at home against River City and Sioux Falls.
It will be a tough two games, but if we can win both it will definitely help us get
in the playoffs.


When on the road, we go by bus. Our team travels the furthest out of all teams in
the league. We are fortunate enough to have a sleeper bus which makes it a lot more
comfortable on the long trips. We also play cards, listen to music and have
satellite TV with the NHL package so we can watch a lot of games!

I’d like to thank the people who took the time to ask questions about my previous
journal entry. I got so many questions I couldn’t pick just one so I decided to answer three of them! If I didn’t get to yours, sorry!

Paul from Bloomington, MN asked, “Will you give us some background on your decision
to attend St. Cloud State University?”

One of the reasons I chose St. Cloud is because they are in the strongest conference
in college hockey, the WCHA. I’ve always hoped to be part of a Division I hockey
team. St. Cloud is also well known for their great hockey tradition with a very
knowledgeable and respected head coach, Craig Dahl. Academically, it fits my needs
and interests and has a great campus — one that is not too small and not too large
which makes it easy to get around. Finally, a hometown idol of mine went there,
Brett Hedican.

“I was curious if you could describe your style of play? Who are some of your
influences? Who’d you follow NHL-wise before the Wild returned to Minnesota?”

My style of play is a power forward that can make things happen by seeing the ice
well and getting and creating scoring opportunities. I would compare myself to
Jeremy Roenick, a hard working power forward who isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty
and still make plays happen. Before the Wild came to Minnesota, I followed the
Detroit Red Wings because Sergei Fedorov has been my favorite player since I was 9
years old.

Chuck Schaus wrote, “Do you feel with all the great hockey played in your hometown,
do you feel the USHL is as good a league or not?”

I feel that this league is a great step for many hockey players after high school.
It gives you a chance to not only improve your skills but to mature as a player. It
is the top junior league in the country. The talent level is sky high and is only
getting better every year. The exposure you get while playing in the USHL is

Keep the questions coming. Talk to you soon!