Swiss National Team Week

By Martin Locher

From pros to juniors – the best Swiss players were called to the
National Teams or regional selections. Read a little series about the
different national teams’ performaces. Today I start with the A- and
B-National Teams.

The A-National-Team


While the top 4 European nations played the Karjala-Cup, Switzerland had
to be satisfied with travelling to Slovakia for two games.

After a disappointing 1:6 loss in the first game, the Swiss team was highly critizized by the Swiss press.
The only Swiss goal was scored by Edgar Salis, who is more known
for his rugged defense. The team had problems adjusting to the higher
intensity on the international level. (Maybe this is also the reason why
Lugano struggles in the Euro-League?)

In the second game the Swiss were down 0:2 after the first period. But
they didn’t give up and turned the game into a 4:2 victory.

Michel Zeiter, Julien Vauclair and Mattia Baldi (2) scored the
Swiss goals. Ottawa draftee Vauclair was called to the team, cause
Marc Gianola was injured. Baldi (drafted by Montreal) seldomly scores
two goals, but he is always working hard, and when he stays healthy he
could become more than just a great forechecker and defensive safeguard.

A huge disappointment this whole season has been goaltender Pauli Jaks.
The only Swiss player who has ever played NHL ice hockey (40 minutes for the LA Kings),
plays inconsitent and gives up fluke goals. This continued for the national
team as he gave up 6 goals in the 1st game. In the second game, new star goalie,
Martin Gerber got his chance and used it with backstopping Switzerland to
a 4:2 victory.

Also in his club team Ambri, Jaks isn’t the undisputed No. 1 anymore. Back-up
Peter Martin did a good job in the games he played in and is in a tight battle with Jaks
for the starting job.

Switzerland’s national team doesn’t have a worldclass goalie beside, Hershey
Bear, David Aebischer. Since he is not available for Switzerland, another one has to
backstop the team. Oldie Reto Pavoni and rising star Martin Gerber (the only goalie
who has ever scored a goal in the Swiss National Leagues) are the top candidates.

With all the Lugano players, except for Gian-Marco Crameri, and Marcel Jenni, the Swiss team should be ready for a good
millenium season.


1st game Slovakia – Switzerland 6:1 (2:0, 2:0, 2:1)


6. Pucher (Jasecko)

16. Jasecko (Pardavy, Sekeras) (double PP)

26. Ladislav Cierny (Andrasousky)

40. Bartos (Sekeras, Pucher)

43. Hurtaj (Jozef Cierny)


53. Hurtaj (Jozef Cierny)

Penalties: Slovakia 6 minors. Switzerland 5 minors.

Slovakia: Switzerland:
Goaltender: Goaltender:
Rybar Pauli Jaks

Defense: Defense:
Jasecko, Sekeras Bobillier, Sutter
L. Cierny, Storr Salis, Seger
Majesky, Durco Marquis, Steinegger
Cakajia Julien Vauclair

Forwards: Forwards:
Pardavy, Pucher, Bartos Ruethemann, Von Arx, Fischer
Plavucha, Andrasovsky, Hreus Mueller, Schuemperli, Micheli
Tomik, Hurtaj, J. Cierny Della Rossa, Pluess, Cantoni
Barnika Demuth, Zeiter, Mattia Baldi

Referee: Kolisek (Czech Rep.)

Linesmen: Druga, Masik (Slovakia)

Attendance: 2500 in Skalica

2nd game Slovakia – Switzerland 2:4 (2:0, 0:2, 0:2)


12. Ladislav Cierny (Plavucha) (double PP)

14. Hreus (Plavucha)





Penalties: Slovakia 9 minors. Switzerland 10 minors.

Slovakia: Switzerland:
Goaltender: Goaltender:
Simonovic Gerber

Defense: Defense:
Durco, Sekeras Julien Vauclair, Sutter
L. Cierny, Storr Salis, Seger
Majesky, Cakajia Bobillier, Steinegger

Forwards: Forwards:
Pardavy, Pucher, Bartos Baldi, Zeiter, Mueller
Plavucha, Barnika, Hreus Ruethemann, Von Arx, Fischer
Tomik, Hurtaj, J. Cierny Della Rossa, Schuemperli, Micheli
Andrasovsky Demuth, Plues, Cantoni

Referee: Kolisek (Czech Rep.)

Linesmen: Diossy, Loksik (Slovakia)

Attendance: 3000 in Trnava


B-National Team (Team Suisse)


At a 4-nations tournament in Morges the Swiss B-Team didn’t shine. In
this team, young promising players can show what they are able to do.
Also Julien Vauclair should have been a member, but was called to the
A-Team, because another defenseman was injured.

This tournament didn’t really interest the public. But what I did see
in the game summary of the 2nd Swiss game? Gaborik, Gaborik and
Gaborik again.

Marian Gaborik, the top ranked player for the 2000 draft killed the Swiss
team with 3 assists. He assisted on the first 3 Slovak goals.

His 3 assists are probably the only reason why I even mention the B-Team in this

The Swiss finished this tournament in the 3rd place, behind Russia B
and Slovakia B. Only a French B-Team was left behind.

Swiss Results and Gaolscorers:

Switzerland B – France B 9:0

Goal scorers: Aegeter, Oppliger (2), Ivankovic (2), Rizzi, Jeannin, Strinimann, Kress

Slovakia B – Switzerland B 4:3

Goal scorers: Jeannin, Badertscher, Rothen

Switzerland B – Russia B 3:5

Goal scorers: Schneider, Lindemann, Rizzi

other results:

Slovakia B – Russia B 1:4

Russia B – France B 12:0

France B – Slovakia B 4:7

Final standings:

1. Russia B

2. Slovakia B

3. Switzerland B

4. France B