2004 Prospects: Player journal by Matt Robinson

By pbadmin

The season is now over. It was tough losing four straight to the Nanaimo Clippers because out of the four, three of them were lost by one goal – one loss in regulation time and the other two in overtime. It was a tough hard fought series for both teams. We had the chances but we either hit the post or could not capitalize. I have to give credit where credit is due. Nanaimo is a very good team and after they beat us I knew they were going to win the championship and they did. Congrats!

It was tough saying goodbye to some of my fellow teammates and good friends who I have known over the last few seasons while playing for the Surrey Eagles. I wish them well in their future hockey careers. Some are on their way to play on scholarships in the United States and others are planning a career in Europe or the American Hockey League.

Since the season has ended, I’ve been studying for my SAT’s, which I write at the beginning of May and I’m also taking a couple of extra courses over the summer. I just started a summer job detailing and repairing scratches on new cars. On top of all this, I have already started to work out five days a week. I really need to increase my leg strength, develop my upper body and work on my core area. My goal is to put on 10-15 lbs before next season.

For some extra fun, I will be playing roller hockey in a men’s league over the summer. I played on the same team last year, along with my good buddy, Matt Francis. We won the Championship last year and will try to win it again. I will play pond hockey with a bunch of my old friends who are back from their WHL teams now on a weekly basis.

On Friday, I leave for my first fly down to visit a university in the States. I’m very excited about this and looking forward to seeing the campus. When I get back I will have to make some decisions on which other universities I intend to do fly downs with.

On May 13th I will be attending the 2004 Invitational Hockey Showcase put on by Global Sports Scouting Services. I have attended this showcase for the last five years. I have met and made some great friends over the years and look forward to seeing them again in May. I have a buddy from California who will be staying with me while we both attend the showcase. For the first time, I will be able to play with my younger brother Garrett, who is 15. He played Junior B this year and Global Services feels he is good enough to play up with our age group. I just hope he sets me up and I outscore him.

Over the next few weeks I will give you all some updates on how things are transpiring and what an offseason is like for a ‘Junior A’ hockey player.

Our question comes from Rob from Manitoba and he writes: “Matt, do you have an agent?”

I do not have an agent but I do have a family advisor, in fact I have two family advisors. Peter Baptista from Nexstar Sports Agency and Rich Evans from TSC both serve as my family advisor.

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