German 2004 Prospects: Q&A with Frank Hoerdler

By KH Ehelechner

Hallo Frank

Frank Hoerdler, born January 26th 1985
in Bad Muskau,
is a 5’11” and 180-pound defender who plays for the Polar Bears Berlin. He is on an expediting license, which is
granted by the franchise in order to promote the young players, as they are then
also eligible to play for a club in a lower league. Since no
DEL franchise
has a farm team, it is the only way for young players to be able to play in two


played with the German team at the U-20 World-Championship Div. I Group A in 2004 and finished with a +4, 1 goal and 1 assist. His teammate was Alexander Sulzer,
last year
third round choice, and promoted with the U-20 team to the highest level now.

Hoerdler played over 40 games under former NHL coach
Pierre Page who is known in
for promoting the young German hockey players. CSS ranked Frank Hoerdler as the 71st best European skater,
making him the highest ranked German for the upcoming draft in


HF: How does
it feel with no ice under your feet?

FH: It felt great without ice for the first couple of
weeks. Right now I started with my summer workout and I have to admit I am
quite sore right now.


HF: It was
your first year with the Polar Bears
Berlin, where do you see the biggest
difference to the German Oberliga (
Germany’s third league)?

FH: In comparison to the year before with Selb at the German Oberliga it is
a big difference. The club is more serious and they treat their players a lot
more rational and work more intensely; and of course the level of hockey is a
lot higher.


HF: What
impressed you most?

FH: There is a lot more professionalism.


HF: Does your
coach in
Berlin, Pierre Page, run special shifts of
practice with the younger guys on the team or isn’t it like that?
FH: Oh yes,
after each practice he spends some additional 30 minutes with us younger guys
on the ice.


HF: Who did
you play most with during the season on the Polar Bears defense?

FH: With Micki DuPont a very
nice Canadian guy from


HF: What
specific did you learn from him?

FH: Oh, so many things I can’t even specify. I always
like to watch and learn and then try it for myself.


HF: You
didn’t succeed at the German finals with the Polar Bears. What do you think was
the reason for it?

FH: It’s hard to say and I believe I don’t want to
speculate about it and just leave it that we lost.


ranked you the upcoming NHL entry draft as 71st and best German
skater on their European listing. I am sure this motivates even more?

FH: Of course, this motivates everybody,
I was very happy about it and will continue to work.


HF: Could
you imagine playing in
North America this coming season or wouldn’t that be an option for you?

FH: I can’t say anything about it. I would have to
wait and see?


HF: Is there
a reason for this answer?

FH: No, just out of sheer curiousity.


HF: Is there
a favorite franchise you would like to be drafted by?

FH: Yes, the New


HF: Do you
have a favorite hockey player and idol?

FH: Yes, it’s my father, because it fascinated me how
he played hockey.


HF: What
would you say you have to work on most in order to improve?

FH: Oh, there are so many things.


HF: What is
your goal for the new season?

FH: I just want to play and achieve a lot.