Swedish 2004 prospects, ranked 16-20

By Johan Nilsson

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Elite Prospects’ 2004 NHL Entry Draft
countdown continues with the players ranked 16-20.
The ranking and the profiles have been compiled by Johan Nilsson, Anders Östberg, Tomas Berg and Zoran Manojlovic.

#20 – David Fredriksson

HEIGHT: 6’2″
WEIGHT: 216 lbs

Born in October, Fredriksson was too
young to be eligible for the draft last year, but he has a good shot at getting selected this summer. He has spent two seasons with HV 71’s U20 squad and at a couple of occasions had some shifts in the SEL.
A potential power forward, Fredriksson has great size and is as strong as they come.

He is hardworking and definitely not afraid to use his large frame. Fredriksson is great to have in front of the net as well as along the boards with his great reach and strength. Offensively he hasn’t been really spectacular in the junior league but displayed a strong overall game. Swedish champions HV 71 have a lot of faith in Fredriksson and have signed him to a contract with the seniors. The SEL-roster is deep and Fredriksson will most likely be the 12th, 13th forward as the season starts in September. If he is given a fair amount of
ice time in the SEL Frediksson is a hot candidate to make the Swedish WJC-team.


HV 71 J20SuperElit

#19 – Jesper Andersson

WEIGHT:181 lbs

Andersson has just played his first season in the Swedish U20 junior league and was a very valuable player for his team. He scored 10 goals during the regular season and also represented team Sweden in the U18 WJC, where he was among the more consistent performers.
Standing in the shadow of MODO’s more well known prospects Mattias Hellström and Tommy Enström, he has not received the same amount of attention and exposure as those two.

Andersson is however a two-way center that can be used on the wing as well. He is very good defensively and contributes offensively too.
He has soft hands and is a strong passer. Furthermore he skates well and could become a good role player in the future.
There is a possibility that Andersson will get shifts in the SEL next season as MODO has announced that more juniors will be given opportunities to prove themselves with the best, but most likely Andersson will spend the majority of the season playing in the junior league. By all means Andersson should be a
key player for MODO there.


MODO J20SuperElit
MODO J18J18 Allsvenskan
Team Sweden U18WJC-1862020

#18 – Tommy Enström

WEIGHT: 172 lbs

Enström has been among the best players on the Swedish junior team the last couple of years. This season he had a good, although not spectacular, regular season with MODO in the junior league. Enström did however have an excellent playoff run scoring 5 goals and 2 assists in 8 and was a major factor behind MODO’s championship victory. He was also among Sweden’s most productive players in the U18 WJC scoring 3 goals and adding an assist in 6 games.

Being the younger brother of Tobias Enström, drafted by Atlanta Thrashers, Enström has several of his attributes. Just like his brother he is an excellent skater, in fact probably the fastest Swedish skater eligible for the draft. Enström is also a good stickhandler and has a nose for the net. Despite being smallish he handles the physical aspect of the game rather well and plays through heavy traffic with ease, much thanks to his speed and hockey smarts. Enström will most likely see some
SEL action next season, although probably only on the fourth line. Adding more pounds to his frame without losing any
footspeed is a major priority.


MODO J20SuperElit
Team Sweden U18WJC-1863148

#17 – Johan Harju

WEIGHT:203 lbs

Johan Harju was rather unknown before this season. In Luleå, teammate Viktor Lindgren was the more
well known prospect being a regular with Team Sweden. Harju had however a very impressive season scoring 26 points in 35 games and was more consistent than the more talked about Lindgren. Surprisingly Harju did not make the Swedish U18
WJC team, but must still be very happy about his season and the progress he displayed.

Harju is a very strong and powerful winger. He has good size and along with that he has good balance on his skates. While hardly being the fastest skater around,
he has improved his footspeed and acceleration considerably. Harju’s biggest asset is arguably his cannon of a shot. He has a really good release, quick hard and accurate. The fact that he does not at all hesitate to use it is even better. With a good shot it is no surprise that
he is a very capable goal scorer, but he has also scored goals from close range, on rebounds, showing that he has that scoring mentality of being in the right place at the right moment. Furthermore Harju is strong on the puck and with his technical skills he can put up some nice moves from time to time as well.


Luleå J20SuperElit
Luleå J18J18 Allsvenskan

#16 – Martin Gudmundsson

HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 183 lbs

Ever since showing off his skills for the first time three years ago in the prospect tournament “TV-Pucken”, Gudmundsson has been pretty much a regular with the Swedish junior national team. This season he has mostly played in the junior league with Mora where he was actually the highest scoring player born 1986 amassing 17 goals and 18 assists in 36 games. He also got to play four games for Mora in the second tier league and scored one goal.

Gudmundsson is a bit on the small side but very gifted offensively. Being a good skater he has also good puck control, great hockey sense and a nose for the net. Despite not being a heavyweight, Gudmundsson is definitely not a soft player. He can take care of himself, but his main strength is his creativity in the offensive zone and he is therefore quite entertaining to watch with his flashy game. Gudmundsson’s team Mora was promoted to the Swedish Elite League which means that he will get some shifts with the seniors. Mora’s roster is not extremely deep and he could get more ice time than most people would expect.

2003-2004MoraSwe-2 41012
Mora J20SuperElit 3617183544
Team Sweden U18WJC-18 60110