Hockey’s Future Affiliates Offer Draft Guides

By Ken McKenna

For those of you looking for more information on the 2004 NHL Draft prospects, we at Hockey’s Future would like to point out a couple of products being offered by two of our affiliates.

First, International Scouting Services, Canada’s top independent scouting service, has released their 2004 NHL Draft Guide in printed and online formats. This ISS publication is packed with comprehensive coverage of the 2004 draft prospects, including rankings and profiles of many of the draft-eligible players. ISS has provided HF with some good information on the top prospects over the past several months, so we’re confident that you’ll like the job ISS has done on their draft guide.

The second affiliate releasing a draft guide is . RussianProspects has been affiliated with HF for a few years now, and they’ve been kind enough to share information on prospects from a part of the world where hockey prospect information can be hard to come by. This year, they are offering a reasonably-priced draft guide that provides information on the top Russian prospects eligible for the 2004 NHL Draft. If you’ve seen the quality of the work at, you know that this draft guide will be a winner.

The sooner you order these guides, the better, since an order placed close to the NHL Draft for a hardcopy edition of these guides will make it difficult for ISS and RP to get these guides to you before Draft Weekend. We at Hockey’s Future think you’ll be pleased with these products, so visit the ISS and RP web sites by clicking on the links provided on this page, or via the banners on the HF home page.

Ken McKenna, Managing Editor

Hockey’s Future