German 2004 Prospects: Q&A with Florian Busch

By KH Ehelechner

Florian Busch, born January 2nd, 1985, is a player with high potential who has been overlooked by CSS in this year’s rankings. This lanky skater has everything necessary to make it in the NHL.

Since he moved to the Eisbären Berlin, there was quite some progress in his overall performance. His coach Pierre Page ranks him as his best young German skater, he calls him fast, skilled and gritty.

Florian Busch played 47 games, scored one goal and achieved 12 assists in his last year with Berlin. He stands 6’1 and weighs 186 pounds. He recently spoke with Hockey’s Future.

HF: How is life without ice right now? Are you ready for it again?
FB: I wouldn’t mind skating again, but I also enjoy resting and getting prepared fort he upcoming season.

HF: You have had quite a good year under your coach Pierre Page in Berlin, tell us the reason for it.
FB: Pierre trusts my skills and supplies me with a lot of confidence to compete in the DEL. He trains with each of us young players individually.

HF: Would you have believed that prior to the start of the season you would play 47 games in the DEL, the highest German league, and who would you name you owe this to?
FB: I would have never believed that for sure. I owe most of that success for sure to my parents who supported me all the way; then the Polar Bears manager, Peter John Lee and of course my coach Pierre Page; and not to forget all my coaches who taught me hockey before that.

HF: What made you choose to go to the Polar Bears Berlin?
FB: It was the concept of the franchise and because I like the team a lot. Of course I also like the very friendly German capital city.

HF: Looking back, what might have been the reason for losing the playoff series against the Frankfurt Lions?
FB: We took too many penalties in the finals and advanced to easily winning against Düsseldorf and Ingolstadt. This resulted in too many days off between each playoff series where we failed to keep our rhythm.

HF: Your coach mentioned that you might be a potential NHL player some time. What do you think is still missing to achieve that goal?
FB: There is still a lot but mainly I have to improve going to the net directly.

HF: Your size and skills would fit in the NHL, your skating as well, is it just the weight that is lacking?
FB: I guess so, but my mother helps me a lot by cooking my favorite Bavarian pork roast.

HF: Are you poised to work as hard as necessary to achieve this goal?
FB: I am aware that without hard work I wouldn’t succeed in this profession, that’s why daily training is scheduled.

HF: Did you get detailed training exercises to do at home?
FB: Yes, of course, we had to run a test after the last game and then I received a personal exercise plan.

HF: When will you return to Berlin and what do you expect from the new season?
FB: We will start with a rookie camp on July 19 which leads into the preseason preparation on August 9.

HF: What do you like most in Berlin?
FB: Well, Berlin has something for everyone; I like to test all the different restaurants.