Game Summary, Sweden vs Switzerland

By pbadmin

Sweden-Switzerland 7-1 (1-1, 2-0, 4-0)

Sweden got off to a good start to this years tournament as they cruised past Switzerland in a 7-1-win. The Swiss took a surprising lead in the first period after a mistake from Swedish goalie Johan Asplund. Asplund was just gonna stop the puck and put his glove on it, but he failed to stop it and Flavien Conne snapped it up and sent it to the net. After the goal the Swedes looked nervous and the passing game didn’t work out as well as coach Lars Molin wanted it to. But the Swedes got an opportunity as the Swiss got a man sent to the box. A misunderstanding between the Swiss defenders on the blue-line saw Christian Berglund skate through and alone with Swiss-goalie Simon Züger he some how managed to score the equaliser. Züger threw himself in front off the stick of Berglund, but he missed the puck, which slid under him.

The second period saw more nervous playing from the Swedes and Switzerland had a few chances to score, including a shot in the bar. But halfway through the period Sweden started to look as the better team and within 41 seconds they went from 1-1 to 3-1, after goals from Henrik Zetterberg and Gabriel Karlsson. Zetterberg did it on his own, breaking in in front of the goal while the Swiss were just looking at him and sent the puck past Züger. The goal from Karlsson on the other hand was a created by Björn Melin who set up Karlsson with a beautiful pass and Karlsson made no mistake alone with Züger.

During the third period the Swiss looked more and more tired and the Swedes was able to add a further four goals. No. 4 came from big defender Viktor Wallin on a pass from Daniel Sedin. The Swiss players were focusing to much on the Sedin-twins and forgot about Wallin who sneaked up in front of the goal and couldn’t miss on a pass that was served right at his stick. No. 5 also came from a defender. This time it was the smallest player on the roster, Magnus Hedlund (5-7, 136 Ibs), who nailed a slap-shot that Züger didn’t see. Berglund notched his second and Sweden’s sixth goal of the evening with three minutes left and with 1.05 remaining Tony Mårtensson scored the final goal to make it 7-1 to Sweden.

Sweden could well end up as champions, but will have to play better on the power-play. They were 2-from-11 in this game, but didn’t seem to find their right play. Individually Henrik Zetterberg was the best Swede overall in this game. This tournament may become his real break-through. Christian Berglund showed a lot of hockey-knowledge. He is a great stick-handler but has to raise his head every once and a while and look for his linemates. Small defender Magnus Hedlund showed what great player he is. Despite his size he uses his body in a great way and doesn’t fear anyone although most of his opponents weighs about 40 Ibs more. He is also one of the best puck-handling defenders in the tournament. His defensive partner, Niklas Kronwall, also had a solid game. Goalie Johan Asplund didn’t have too much to do. The Swiss goal will be counted on his responsibility, but he made no more mistakes during the game.

Switzerland will not get a medal this year, but in a single game they can beat any team. As long as they are in the game they are very good. In this game they looked good up until the Swedish game-winning 2-1-goal. They had a very good line in Flavien Conne-Bjorn Christen-Sven Helfenstein. Christen is an experienced WJC-player, currently playing his fourth WJC! Offensively Switzerland looked as good as the Swedes for the first two periods. They were combining very well and managed to find each other in the offensive zone. Defensively they stood up well for half the game, holding on to the Swedish forwards, especially the Sedin-twins, and giving them no room to play the puck around. The second half of the game they got tired and didn’t have the strength to hold on.


First period:
0-13.38Flavien Conne 3 (Paolo Duca)
1-18.56Christian Berglund 1 (power play) (Magnus Hedlund)

Second period:
2-112.42Henrik Zetterberg 1 (unassisted)
3-113.23Gabriel Karlsson 1 (Björn Melin)

Third period:
4-15.43Viktor Wallin 1 (Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin)
5-115.53Magnus Hedlund 1 (two-man advantage) (Björn Melin)
6-117.03Christian Berglund 2 (Peter Messa)
7-118.55Tony Mårtensson 1 (Christian Bäckman, Per Hallin)

Swe - Johan Asplund, (22 shots, 21 saves)
Sui - Simon Züger, (40 shots, 33 saves)