Swedish 2005 prospects – October ranking

By HF Staff

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Below is this season’s second ranking of Swedish prospects eligible for the 2005 Entry Draft. The ranking has been compiled by Hockey’s Future and Elite Prospects writers Johan Nilsson and Anders Östberg.

1.Nicklas BergforsF1987-03-07Södertälje
Attitude, skill and work ethic in an excellent
package, Bergfors has played convincingly with Södertälje in the SEL
this season and also scored his first SEL goal of his career. The fast and technically skilled wonderkid could 
have a big impact in the upcoming U20 junior world championships.
2.Alexander Sundström F1987-03-14Björklöven
Sundström saw a good amount of ice time with Björklöven in the second tier league earlier this season as some players were injured and he did a good job. He looks rather complete and is quite aware defensively. Sundström has also good technical skills and puck control.
3.Fredrik PetterssonF1987-06-10Frölunda
Smallish, but extremely talented and
skilled, Pettersson is a superb skater and controls the physical aspect of the game even though he is only 5’9.
He just recently started playing this season after being out with a knee injury. However, he is now recovered and doing well and should once again be a key player on the Swedish national team as the U18 Compuware Four Nations Cup will start in November.

4.Niklas HjalmarssonD1987-06-06HV 71
An offensive minded defenseman with a good shot that he uses very frequently. Hjalmarsson enjoys playing physical and has good timing in his hits. He has decent size, strength and reach and has the tools to become a high scoring defenseman in the future.
5.Tom Wandell F1987-01-29Södertälje
The technically very skilled Tom Wandell is yet not back playing with Södertälje’s U20 team after his ACL injury. When healthy, Wandell is a treat to watch with his nifty offensive game. Södertälje has been doing rather well without Wandell in the juniors, but when he will be back playing the team will increase its overall strength significantly.

6.Alexander RibbenstrandD1987-01-09Djurgården
Two-way defenseman Ribbenstrand has been looking really good in the Swedish junior league and leads all defensemen born 1987 having scored a goal and 5 assists in 9 games. He plays an aggressive defensive game and seems very confident in his own end, but at the same time is more than willing to join the rush and contribute at the other end of the ice.


7.Mattias Ritola F1987-03-14Frölunda
A two-way player with good stickhandling skills and offensive potential. Ritola is physically strong and has good vision, but he has been somewhat ineffective when given the opportunity to score. He is averaging close to a point per game in the juniors and is a valuable member of the Swedish U18 national team.
8.Anton StrålmanD1986-08-01Skövde
After a strong season in the Swedish third tier league last season, Strålman is now putting up respectable numbers in the second tier division and is looking rather consistent playing against men. Not an overly physical defenseman, Strålman relies a lot on his smarts and passing game.
He is a hot candidate to make the Swedish U20 WJC team.
9.Andreas MolinderF1987-02-23MODO
A pretty all-round two-way forward with good technical skills and a fine skating
technique, Molinder has scored 3 goals and 4 assists in 9 games with MODO in the juniors and is a lock on the Swedish U18 team. Weighing in at 161lbs, he needs to add some bulk.
10.Oscar SundhF1986-10-22Almtuna
Sundh is a strong skating winger with good puckhandling skills. He looked very good with Almtuna in the second tier league last season, but has struggled a bit offensively lately and has only picked up an assist in 13 games.
He was an outsider to make the Swedish WJC team, but that is not very likely right now.
11.Robin Lindqvist F1987-08-16Luleå
Lindqvist is an all-round player that plays a very strong two-way game. He skates well, has good technical skills and can put up points, but it is his hockey sense and the fact that he always seems to make the right decisions that makes him stand out.
12.Johan DahlbergF1987-02-03MODO
The very tough and aggressive Johan Dahlberg has cooled down a bit this season and instead been quite productive having scored 5 goals in 9 games in the juniors. Dahlberg is not likely to ever become an offensive force, but his physical game and toughness are aspects that every team would benefit from.
13.Christoffer From-BjörkD1987-03-28Djurgården
From-Björk is a defense-first type of defenseman. He has good size, strength and reach and makes simple but smart decisions with the puck. He plays with toughness, but could play the body more frequently.
14.Sebastian KarlssonF1986-09-19Frölunda
Karlsson is a smart two-way center that is defensively very aware. He is a very capable playmaker and has been racking up points in the juniors having scored 9 goals and 5 assists in 9 games.

15.Patrik ZackrissonF1987-03-27Frölunda
Zackrisson is a smart player with soft hands and pretty quick feet. He can shoot and pass the puck rather well and is good at faceoffs. However, Zackrisson has been somewhat inconsistent in both his play and productivity.


16.Johan NilssonF1987-03-17MODO
A smallish and speedy
winger, Nilsson is very offensive minded and has the needed attributes to become a high scoring forward in the
future. Currently he is struggling offensively and has only 1 goal and 3 assists in 9 games, but he could break out at any time.
17.Alexander Hellström D1987-04-17Björklöven
6’2 defenseman Hellström has been impressive with Björklöven in the second tier league playing a safe and mature game. Not flashy, nor very gifted offensively, but he seems to make few
mistakes and to be a rather consistent performer.
18.Mattias ModigG1987-04-01Luleå
After a strong performance in U18 World Cup, Mattias Modig has looked a bit shaky when playing with Luleå’s U20 this
season. His .823 save percentage is not very impressive, but to his defense he has only played
three games since the starter David Rautio, two years older, has been excellent in net.

19.Tobias ViklundD1986-05-08MODO
Two-way defenseman Viklund has due to the number of NHLers on MODO’s SEL roster seen limited ice time, but is currently seeing quality minutes in the second tier league since MODO sent him on loan to Teg. Viklund has an outside chance of making the U20 WJC team, but the competition is very tough.

20.Erik Andersson F1986-09-18Troja/Ljungby
Andersson, the younger brother of Chicago prospect Johan Andersson, has put up good numbers with Troja in the second tier league and showed plenty of progress since last season. Not a great skater, Andersson is till a good forechecker and quite creative with the puck.