2005 U20 WJC Russian roster predictions: Forwards

By Eugene Belashchenko

The following players are the likely candidates for Russia’s U20
WJC training camp roster. The players are split up into four categories. The “definite”
players will be on Russia’s U20 WJC roster barring injury. The “likely”
players will most likely be on Russia’s U20 WJC roster barring injury. The
“possible” players will have a chance to make the roster, but most
will likely be left in Russia. The “fringe” players will have very
little chance to be on Russia’s team at the U20 WJC.

Line 1: Alexander Ovechkin – Evgeni Malkin – Denis Parshin
Line 2: Konstantin Glazachev – Dmitri Pestunov – Enver Lisin
Line 3: Alexander Radulov – Mikhail Yunkov – Roman Voloshenko
Line 4: Sergei Ogorodnikov – Grigori Shafigullin – Konstantin Makarov
Spare: Alexander Nikulin

Definite Candidates (All will definitely make the U20 WJC roster barring injury):

Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins #2/2004) Center
Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals #1/2004) Right Wing
Denis Parshin (Colorado Avalance #72/2004) Left Wing
Dmitri Pestunov (Phoenix Coyotes 2003) Center
Alexander Radulov (Nashville Predators #15/2004) Right Wing
Grigori Shafigullin (Nashville Predators #98/2003) Center
Roman Voloshenko (Minnesota Wild #42/2004) Left Wing

Likely Candidates (All will likely make the U20 WJC roster barring injury):

Konstantin Glazachev (Nashville Predators #32/2003) Left Wing
Enver Lisin (Phoenix Coyotes #50/2004) Right Wing
Alexander Nikulin (Ottawa Senators #122/2004) Center
Sergei Ogorodnikov (New York Islanders #82/2004) Center/Wing
Mikhail Yunkov (Washington Capitals #62/2004) Center

Possible Candidates (Only one or two of the following blue liners will make Russia’s
U20 WJC roster):

Alexander Galimov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) Center
Konstantin Makarov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) Left Wing
Alexander Naurov (Dallas Stars) Right Wing
Sergei Shirokov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) Left Wing

Fringe Candidates (These players will not make the U20 WJC roster):

Viktor Alexandrov (St. Louis Blues #83/2004) Right Wing
Dmitri Chenykh (New York Islanders #48/2003) Right Wing
Ivan Khomutov (New Jersey Devils #93/2003)
Maxim Pestushko (2005 NHL Entry Draft) Right Wing
Alexander Rybakov (2005 NHL Entry Draft) Center

NOTE: For in depth analysis of Russia’s forward candidates, please
refer to the U20
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