2005 WJC by the numbers

By Simon Richard

2005 WJC: close to 50 percent of the players are NHL draftees

the 220 players involved in the 2005 World Junior Championship, 104 are NHL
draftees, including the top four of the 2004 class – Alexander Ovechkin (RUS), Evgeni Malkin (RUS),
Cam Barker (CAN) and Andrew Ladd (CAN).


of the first 20 prospects selected in June 2004 are part of their respective
national junior team. The five players excluded are either Canadians or
Americans. They are Blake Wheeler (USA, Phoenix, 5th overall), Alexandre Picard (CAN, Columbus,
8th overall), A.J. Thelen (USA,
Minnesota, 12th overall), Devan Dubnyk (CAN,
Edmonton, 14th overall) and Kyle Chupchira
(CAN, Montreal,
18th overall). 


Rangers lead the pack


seven prospects present at the WJC, the New York Rangers lead the NHL teams in
terms of the total of draftees. Their prospects are from six different
countries, which is also the best among the NHL teams. The 2004 fourth overall
pick Al Montoya is the top drafted
Rangers choice.


the Philadelphia Flyers and the Dallas Stars have six prospects. Canadian Jeff Carter, who was named in the 2004
WJC All-Star team, is the Flyers top drafted (2003, 11th overall)
and Swedish Loui Eriksson (2003, 33rd
overall) is the top Dallas


poorest represented NHL teams in Grand Forks are
Los Angeles (Lauri Tukonen, SWE), Detroit (Siarhei Kolasau,
BEL), Toronto (Dimitri Vorobiev, RUS), New
(Petr Vrana, CZE)
and Tampa Bay (Zbynek Hrdel, CZE) who all managed to get just
one prospect named.



First round picks


total first round selections participating at the 2005 WJC is 30.


Canadian team leads the pack with 11, followed by the USA with five and Czech Republic
with four. Finland and Russia have three, Slovakia
two, Sweden and Belarus one
each. That leaves Germany
and Switzerland
with no first round draft selection. 


Anaheim Mighty Ducks future looks bright as they have three of the 30 first roundersLadislav Smid (CZE, 2004, 9th overall), Ryan Getzlaf
(CAN, 2003, 19th overall) and Corey
(CAN, 2003, 28th overall).


The CHL contribution


the Canadian players but one (Patrice
) are playing in the CHL.


must be noticed that a total of 37 members of the other teams involved in the
WJC are playing in the CHL this year, almost 19 percent.  The Czech team has 12 CHL players and
the Slovakia
follows with a respectable 11.


WHL leads the group with 13 representatives playing in non Canadian national
teams. The OHL has 11 and the QMJHL eight.


that the WHL also has 14 members in the Canadian team. That means the
league’s total contribution to the ten WJC teams is 27 players, which is
by far the best record among all the leagues represented at this WJC.


2005 and 2006 eligible draftees


by Sidney Crosby (CAN), a total of
16 players will be eligible for the first time at the 2005 NHL draft. The list
includes Brian Lee (USA), T.J.
(USA), Michal Gulasi (CZE), Marek Zagrapan (SLO) and Tuuka Rask (FIN).


three of this WJC edition will only be eligible for the 2006 NHL draft. Those
are Phil Kessel
Michael Frolik
(CZE) and Jesse Joensuu


Simon Richard is the
author of La Serie du siecle, Septembre 1972, a book
about the Summit
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