Q&A with Marc-Andre Bernier

By Matt MacInnis

Marc-Andre Bernier was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the second round, 60th overall in the 2003 Entry Draft. He has had a bit of a tumultuous experience in the QMJHL over the past several years. The Canucks picked him after he scored 58 points with the Halifax Moosheads in the 2002-03 season. After a successful playoff run, Bernier was dealt to the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, who loaded up to make a run at the Memorial Cup. After the Eagles fell in a shocking upset in the first round of the 2003-04 playoffs, he was dealt back to the Mooseheads.

Bernier has played 38 games this season and has 16 goals, 11 assists for 27 points. He has played on a number of different lines with the Mooseheads, who have surged as of late up the standings. The 6’3, 218 lbs forward is facing an uncertain situation as the summer approaches. With the ongoing lockout, Bernier cannot be signed by the Canucks organization, and as a result does not know where he will play next season. The hulking power forward with one of the best shots in the QMJHL spoke with Hockey’s Future after his Mooseheads upended the Moncton Wildcats 4-2 on January 14.

HF: How do you feel about your play thus far this season?

MAB: It could have been a little bit better, but it isn’t too bad. I’ve got to work on some little things and we still have 30 games left in the season, so the season is still early, so I’ll try to work on those things.

HF: What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

MAB: I’ll say my size, when I use my size. And I have a big shot, and in front of the net I can get open.

HF: What has been the most memorable thing about this season?

MAB: Well it was a big game tonight against Moncton. It was a big one.

HF: Last season when you were traded to Cape Breton did you know at the time that you were coming back to Halifax the next year?

MAB: Yeah, I knew since January like right now a few years ago (two years ago). I knew I was going there and I knew I was coming back. Kind of a hard trade.

HF: You were picked in the second round of the 2003 draft by Vancouver. Going into the draft did you have any expectations on where you were going to go and who may take you?

MAB: No, not really. We had some meetings in Toronto with all the teams, well, all the teams that wanted to interview me, and Vancouver was one of the teams that wanted two meetings. So I didn’t know, and when I got picked I was just happy and very proud.

HF: You’ve played with FP Guenette for quite some time now, do the two of you ever speculate about playing together for the Canucks?

MAB: No, not really. When you get there, it’s the NHL right, so there’s no…it’s like winning the lottery. So, I mean it’s pretty exciting to see yourself there.

HF: Where do you expect to be playing next season?

MAB: Uh, with the lockout we don’t know. And I don’t know if I’m going to sign, I’m working on that. Maybe AHL, that would be a good option.

HF: How often are you in touch with somebody from the Canucks?

MAB: I’d say I’ve been in touch about three times this season. They come see us, and they talk to us after the game sometimes, and that’s pretty much it.

HF: Theoretically, what current Canucks do you think you would fit best with on a line?

MAB: (laughing) Obviously Naslund and Bertuzzi! I mean I don’t see myself there yet, I have a lot of work to do.

HF: What role do you see yourself playing for a team professionally?

MAB: Power forward that can score goals.

HF: Who do you think is the toughest goalie in the Q that you played against so far?

MAB: Crawford has played good against us. Maybe not tonight, but he’s done a really good job against us pretty much.

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