By pbadmin

Hockey’s Future is pleased to announce a new sponsor that offers a service that could be the future of sports entertainment broadcasting., a leading global online broadcasting provider of licensed video and audio content, and has partnered to provide live, online video broadcasts of the 2005 IIHF World Championship ice hockey games. This year’s tournament will be broadcast live online from Innsbruck and Vienna, Austria, from April 30th through May 15, 2005.

For those readers located in countries where the games are not being broadcast, this will be an excellent opportunity to inexpensively view what could be the highest level of hockey you’ll see for the remainder of this year. Many of the top NHL talents will be participating in the 2005 World Championships, as will a few interesting prospects, so take advantage of this unique offering.

Simply click on the banners provided at the top of each page, next to the Hockey’s Future banner, to visit’s web site, where you can find out all the details regarding this exciting and unique broadcasting event.

Ken McKenna

Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future