Q&A with 2006 prospect Cory Emmerton

By Jason Ahrens

Cory Emmerton is a 6’0, 190-pound center from St. Thomas, Ontario who plays with the Kingston Frontenacs. In his rookie season with the Frontenacs he tallied 17 goals and added 21 assists for 38 points in 58 games as a 16-year-old. He was named to Team Ontario for the Under 17 tournament in December and he put up six points in a fourth place finish.

Emmerton is a product of the Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs AAA program and the fifth round selection of the Frontenacs is on his way to being one of the most successful players to come out of the fairly new program. The early line on Emmerton is that he might squeeze into the late second round for the 2006 NHL draft.

Hockey’s Future caught up with Emmerton a few hours after he was named to Team Canada. He’ll soon be off to the Czech Republic to defend the gold medal at the Under 18 tournament.

HF: How does it feel to put on that red jersey?

CE: It’s a great experience, it is unbelievable, wearing it right now, sitting here, it is awesome, and it’s a good feeling.

HF: Tell me a bit about your experience in the Under 17 tournament.

CE: Well obviously we didn’t do that well, we finished fourth, but it was a great experience, playing against all the best players, and now all the best players in Canada are here now and it’s awesome.

HF: Did it help you prepare for this camp knowing that you had played against a lot of these guys and that you had put up good numbers in the Under 17 tournament where you had six points?

CE: Coming here to camp I knew that there were a lot of good players, so I just prepared for it, I knew who I was up against and it made it a lot easier that way.
HF: It must be nice having Kingston Frontenac teammate Ben Shutron make the team with you?

CE: Oh yeah, having Ben around will be a lot of fun because I had him around all season so I know what he is like and it will be a lot better having him around.

HF: Did the coach give you any indication on what role you are going to play on the team?

CE: Right now I’m not too sure, but whatever he wants that is fine with me. It’s just awesome to be part of this team.

HF: On Kingston you played with another guy who had some experience in international tournaments — what did you learn from Anthony Stewart (FLA) when he came back with the gold last year from the World Juniors?

CE: Obviously you want to be part of something like that, he said it was a great experience and told me a few stories about it and you just have to look forward to it and that is all he said.

HF: This is going to be your draft year, what type of things are you going to try to improve on from your rookie year?

CE: I’m just trying to prove that I can play in the league and make a statement for next year.

HF: You guys had a tough year last season in Kingston, but you have a pretty good group of young guys coming back like yourself, what is your outlook for this season?

CE: This season I think should be really good, we have some really good young players who were just rookies last year who are going to be a lot more confident this year and I think we’ll do really well.

HF: Any expectations on the draft and how you are going to prepare for it?

CE: Well, pretty much all I have to worry about, is just going out, performing and playing hard every night and being consistent, and then whatever happens in the next year’s draft I guess happens.

HF: How would you describe your style of play for any readers who haven’t seen you?

CE: I’m more of an offensive player that is what I enjoy doing, but if it comes down to defense, and then obviously I’m not afraid to take a defensive role.

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