Announcing the HF Newswire

By Ken McKenna

In an effort to make your visit to Hockey’s an even more informative pursuit, we have added a scrolling, hyperlinked newsfeed, otherwise known as the HF Newswire. For now, you can find the HF Newswire at the top of the HF home page only, but it will eventually be found on almost every page at

The purpose of this feature is to supplement the fine work done by our staff with some further news from around the hockey prospect universe. This information will be culled primarily from releases from the various developmental leagues in North America, along with some information from Europe. Information that could be featured would include announcements of players of the week/month, the announcement of tournament results, or the announcement of trades involving prospects featured here at HF, just to name a few subjects.

While I will refrain from referring to the HF Newswire as breaking news, we will try to post this information as close to its release as the newsfeed we are using will allow.

To access the articles featured in the HF Newswire, simply click on the article headline that you would like to access and this article will open in another window. Articles that are linked will feature orange font, while non-linked headlines will appear in a gray font.

So, keep your eyes on the scrolling HF Newswire for the latest hockey prospect info. We hope you enjoy this new feature at Hockey’s

Ken McKenna

Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future