Frozen Four: Q&A with Greg Moore

By DJ Powers

Maine Black Bears team captain Greg Moore (NYR) has been a leader in every sense of the word this season. He led the team in points with 44 in 41 games. The senior is a great example of leadership, stability and a calming influence on a team that has had to endure their share of problems this season.

Hockey’s Future spoke with Moore after practice on Wednesday at the Bradley Center.

HF: How does it feel to be here?

GM: It’s exciting obviously to be back in the Frozen Four and I know for us seniors this is our last chance to win a national championship and just to have the opportunity to be here is awesome.

HF: Last summer, you had the chance to sign with New York and you opted to come back to Maine. Other than getting your degree, was the opportunity to win a national championship one of the motivating factors in your decision to come back to Maine?

GM: Yeah, there were a lot of things that made me want to come back. Being from the state of Maine and being elected team captain for this season, if I came back really meant a lot to me. The chance for us to win another national championship as well as all of those other things together made me feel like this was the right decision.

HF: You’re having such a great season, leading the team in scoring. What is the one aspect of your game overall this season that is different from the previous years?

GM: I’ve gotten to be more consistent. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve been more consistent in doing the little things. I think as a power forward, I’ve been more consistent. My on-ice vision and awareness has gotten a lot better. It’s easy to mature in that way with good linemates. Mainly, I just think my consistency is better. I wasn’t falling part at any point in the season.

HF: Just before the tournament seedings came out, there was that possibility that you guys weren’t going to make the NCAA Tournament, did that give you guys extra motivation to make it here, knowing that you guys wouldn’t have the chance to be here?

GM: Yeah. There were times this season that we weren’t ranked very high nationally. I think we really turned things around. We have such high expectations in our program every year to be a contender. We’ve battled so hard to get into the tournament and to get here. When you battle that hard all year long you want to do something with it. I think that’s definitely helped motivate us down the stretch.

HF: What is the one area that you feel where the team has really improved?

GM: I think our defensive awareness. Our combination of defense and our goaltenders being able to help bring the puck out of our zone has really helped us and has allowed us to attack the other team more consistently.

HF: What is the one area that you feel where you, personally have improved?

GM: For me, I’d have to say my goal scoring touch. I’ve gotten my confidence back this year. When I was a kid I had it a lot more. Over the last few years, I’ve had that mindset of not having that. This year, I’ve gotten more confidence in throwing the puck at the net.

HF: There’s been stuff written about you guys where you guys weren’t really being given a chance to win the championship, despite having made it here. What is the one thing that you want to say to your nay sayers?

GM: We’ve had our ups and downs, so maybe there were some people saying that about us. It’s tough to answer that because there are so many tough teams around the country and we understand that we had to deal with our ups and downs but we feel that we deserve to be here. We worked hard to get here.

HF: When you leave Maine what is the thing that you want to be remembered for?

GM: That I represented the team well and that I worked hard. Being from Maine and being able to play here is a great honor, and one that I’m proud of. It’s an honor to serve as team captain this season and hopefully being able to help win our team another national championship.

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