Frozen Four: Q&A with Matt Moulson

By DJ Powers

Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Matt Moulson just wrapped up an outstanding four-year career at Cornell University. He finished his final season at Cornell, leading the Big Red in scoring with 38 points (18 goals, 20 assists). He was selected to All-Ivy League First Team again this season as well as to the All-ECACHL Second Team. During his career at Cornell, Moulson led Cornell in scoring in three of the four years.

Hockey’s Future spoke with Moulson after the Skills Challenge that he participated in on Friday night during the Frozen Four weekend.

HF: You were here for the first ever Skills Challenge. Tell me what the experience has been like.

MM: The whole weekend has been a tremendous job by Nike. They’re getting everything for us that we need. I’ve been fun here in Milwaukee. It’s been a really fun time and you couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s my last hurrah as a senior I guess.

HF: I guess the only thing that could’ve made the weekend better would’ve been Cornell actually playing here this weekend.

MM: Oh definitely, but it’s nice to be here. It’s hard to watch the semi-final games because we were just one win away from it. That’s just what happens in hockey. Sometimes you get a bounce here or there. I’m just trying to enjoy the weekend and have a good time.

HF: So what happened on that poke-check that Adam (Hanna) put on you?

MM: Before the Skills Competition, we all agreed to not allow poke-checking. So he threw it out there and I didn’t expect it. I should’ve known that he’d go for blood and go for the rim there (laughing).

HF: One of the most memorable games this season was that marathon against Wisconsin in the Midwest Regional. It had to have been absolutely devastating for you guys coming out on the short end of that game that seemed it could go on forever.

MM: It was tough but after the game it took awhile for it to set in because it was so emotionally draining. It was the game of our season and the last game in my college career. Like I said, sometimes you get the bounces in there. It could’ve gone either way. I’m sure that had we won the game, they’d be saying the same thing here. (David) McKee played well and made some great saves for us. We also hit a couple of posts too. (Brian) Elliott was great for them and their whole team played well. It was just a good game.

HF: You just got through wrapping up your great collegiate career. What are some of the things that you’re going to remember about playing hockey at Cornell?

MM: The first thing would probably be the fans. They’re pretty crazy. They’re very, very supportive. I’ll miss the all of the guys and the fans at Lynah. Those are the biggest things. It was pretty amazing to be able to play in front of those guys every home weekend that we have. They made it really enjoyable for everyone.

HF: Out of all of the games that you played in at Cornell, which one is the one that’s going to stand out in your mind the most?

MM: Probably the first ECAC Championship against Harvard in overtime. I think that one was the most special. It was one of the best teams that I’ve ever played on. Winning that first championship was pretty satisfying.

HF: Now that your collegiate career is done at Cornell, any chance that we’ll be seeing you in Pittsburgh anytime soon?

MM: Hopefully we’ll be able to get some things worked out here. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully, I’ll be there in a Penguins jersey next year.

HF: I know that there are many Pittsburgh Penguins fans that are looking forward to seeing you play in Pittsburgh.

MM: Yeah, I’m looking forward to playing there too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to carry to Pittsburgh all of those good things that I was able to accomplish at Cornell. I’d like to keep it going and I still have a long way to go still. The last four years went by so quickly and I’m sure that the next four will as well.

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