Announcing the HF 2006 NHL Draft Center

By Ken McKenna

At Hockey’s, the month of June is perhaps our busiest month of the year. The reason for the increased activity is the 2006 NHL Draft, which will take place on June 24th in Vancouver, British Columbia.

And, as is our custom at HF, we have put together the 2006 NHL Draft Center in honor of the occasion. Each year, our staff provides articles, profiles and other information related to the NHL Entry Draft, and this year is no different. Having the draft center in place makes it a bit easier for our readers to find all this information, an attibute that has made this feature one of the most popular offered by HF.

Of course, we are still in the process of updating profiles; most of this work should be completed soon, though. But there are plenty of articles already in place, and there are more to come, including the 2001 draft reviews; the team previews for each of the 30 NHL clubs; and, after the draft, complete rundowns of the bounty that each team collected at the draft table.

Be sure to bookmark the NHL Draft Center so you can keep up with the latest info on the coming Draft. You can also access this page by clicking on the “NHL Entry Draft” link in the orange control bar towards the top of any page at HF. Or you can simply click on a link in this article to go to that page.

We hope you enjoy the information provided at HF. We, as well as fans of the game, are certainly looking forward to what should be a very interesting 2006 NHL Draft.

Ken McKenna

Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future