Giguere is gone

By pbadmin
Jean-Sebastien Giguere was traded today to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks for a second round pick, the 42nd pick overall, in this years draft. The reasoning behind the move is that the Flames could only protect 5 forwards and 3 defense man if 2 goaltenders where protected which under the circumstances was unacceptable. Losses at the forward and defense position would most likely cause too much damage in the long run. The players they could of lost play a vital role on the team as checking forwards and number four defensemen which initially does not look like a lot but becomes irreplaceable when trying to make a playoff run.

A few teams are following the same path and are not willing to protect 2 goaltenders which would dig heavily into their depth. With the expansion teams selecting 6 goaltenders, but most likely only keeping 3, picking up a veteran back-up should not be too difficult. Colorado traded Marc Denis to Columbus, Tampa unloaded Rich Parent to Ottawa and Kevin Hodson to Montreal, and Los Angeles most likely will do the same with Jamie Storr and Stephan Fiset with one of them probably going to Minnesota. Even though Giguere will become an excellent netminder in the future he was not worth losing key players that will help Calgary make the playoff’s this season which in turn will boost revenue’s and allow them to be more competitive in the future. But, I wish him luck and success in Anaheim as long as it’s not at the expense of Calgary. I wrote an article recently that I rescinded because I received misinformation, but now it seems most of the info in the article was accurate except for my assertion that Giguere was ineligible.

A second round pick was as good as a return as you were going to get considering the circumstances and their are a couple goalies in the second round that might be available. J-F Racine from Drummondville or Peter Hamrlik from Slovakia might be able to replace Giguere in the future so we will see where the dominos fall.