Hockey’s Future Happenings!

By Eric Taylor

It is that time of the month again to update all the HF Visitors on some of the exciting
things going on over here at Hockey’s Future and what we have planned for the upcoming months!

Hockey’s Future Editor Mock Draft Coming soon!!

We will once again hold our annual Editor Mock Draft here at HF. Last year it was a GREAT
success, and our results from our editors turned out great. This draft is open to ALL Visitors
and staff members, and it will be held on Thursday June 15th, at 9:00PM EST!

The Draft will be held in the HF Chat Room,
and other prizes will also be given out (i.e. 1 or 2 HF T-Shirts!) Be sure not to miss that as
it will be a fun event for all to chat and see who our Editors believe their respective teams will
select come draft day. We will only conduct through the 1st Round. Hope to see you all there!

HF 2000 Draft Primer

As you know Hockey’s Future strives itself in providing the absolute best draft coverage on the
net, and look for this year to be just as great! Look for us to release our 2000 Pre Draft page
around the 20th of this month, which will be PACKED with all our Draft Previews Profiles of
hundreds of the top prospects, and TONS more.

Then come draft day, we plan on pulling our famous 24 hour draft coverage! Prior to the draft,
the Chat rooms will be open, and throughout the day of the draft we will have REAL-TIME updating for
all the foreign visitors or visitors not watching TV. Then following the draft, we will leave the
chat room open and hear everyone’s thoughts on the draft, etc..

The Day after the draft, will be a HUGE day, in which we release the HF Report Cards, and a Draft
Review for EVERY Team on how their respective team drafted, notes on their prospects, and any other
team news! Should be exciting, so spread the word and be sure not to miss this yourself.

HF Database in BETA Release

We are currently beta testing the New HF Database so look for that also to
come out following the draft. Some of the features to look for in terms of improvements in the
viewpoint of the visitor:

** Articles updated in a TIMELY Fashion. As soon as articles are written, they can be posted
it on team pages.

** Updates to the Main page will also be timely and updates will occur throughout the day, instead of
1 time a night.

** Eventually every team page will be equipped with its own message board. With over 3,000+ unique
visitors a day, we think we have the numbers to do this and have each one relatively active. We will also
have the staff there to answer questions and respond timely to posts!

** Many more great features.. to be released along with the release of the Database!

Craig Taylor Takes over Head Editor duties of HF

With the increasing demand of Beano Publishing (Eric and Bryan Taylor), many of the editing duties
and e-mail duties have been handled by their older brother Craig Taylor! We welcome Craig aboard
the staff, and he looks to continue the forward progress of HF and to continue to add great new features
in the coming months! WELCOME ABOARD!


There is a bunch more I wanted to cover, but I will just bundle them all into my closing. The Team
HF Sponsored is doing great, and has 2 more tournaments to go.. GREAT JOB GUYS! For all of you that
didn’t know staff members Martin Locher and Peter Westermark were proud representatives of Hockey’s
Future at the IHWC and did a great job representing HF! Thanks guys and hope you had a great time.
The HF Staff wishes we could attend the draft but due to time constraints we won’t be able to make it.
We are definitely scheduled for next draft, so be on the look out! That wraps up some HF news and
notes, so keep spreading the word as the faster we grow the more events our writers can attend. Have
a great day all!

Drop any comments or e-mails to me at

[email protected]