Hitman bursts into Flames

By pbadmin
With a smile the cheshire cat would be envious of, Brent Krahn stood in front of a roaring crowd at the Saddle Dome with the confidence of a stanley cup veteran, and absorbed the moment he had been waiting for since he was a child living in the province Manitoba.

Ranked 1st among goaltenders in North America on the Central Scouting Mid-Term Report and he stayed that way until the final rankings. He was named the Hitmen’s Rookie of the year and earned WHL Goaltender of the month honors for the Eastern Conference in October. Brent’s performance in the Top Prospect game was nothing less than spectacular and showed he can raise his level of play in big games and can single handedly take over and dominate a game. With another year with the Hitmen and possibly one season in Saint John he could take the position of the number one guy in the year 2002. His concentration and focus are beyond his experience level and he never seems to get rattled or distracted by the traffic around him or when he has been scored against, he shows a similar demeanor to Grant Fuhr in that respect. Although he is a big kid his lateral movement and agility is exceptionally good, he takes advantage of his size in the crease and can be intimidating when players are in close and Brent should not have a problem at all with players trying to crash the net as they may get a rude awaking when they do.

Quite often Brent will use the splits or stack his pads to take away the bottom half of the net and force that player to go high which can be near impossible at times because of his height. He has great control of rebounds and lets the puck hit him instead of moving all around and wasting energy and putting himself out of position. A real student of the game he always wants to watch film or go to a Flames practice and observe the pros where he will make mental notes on techniques used by Grant Fuhr and Freddy Brathwaite. At the next level he will infuriate players with his size and their inability to find a hole, with a little improvement setting up the puck for his defensemen and becoming more aggressive when challenging shooters I feel he will become the best goaltender to come out of this Draft.

Speaking with Brent this weekend at the Draft he showed a passion for the game far and above any prospect in attendance while displaying a sense of humor and a humble attitude as he often gave credit for his success to his teammates and coaching staff which displays his willingness to be a team player. Openly he expressed the work ethic needed to become not only a NHL player but a goaltender his team can count on to bail them out in tough situations and ride his coat tails if necessary, while his pride on being mentally strong and facing adversity head on will propel him into the upper echelon of goaltenders in the league.

The fans have not been that loud in a very long time when the Flames announced his name, and if you listen very carefully you can hear the faint chant of Krahn..Krahn..Krahn echoing thoughout the Saddle Dome