Edmonton drafts big

By pbadmin

At this year’s draft the Oilers with the first three players drafted at 6’5″,
6’4.5″ and 6’3″ Edmonton took huge steps to ensure the future looms
larger than life.

After stealing defense man Eric Brewer and left winger Josh Green with a
second round pick 35th overall in this years draft for defense man Roman
Hamrlik from the New York Islanders right before the beginning of the
second round only added to the success felt by the Oilers brass. General
manager Kevin Lowe and director of player personnel fulfilled their
mandate of adding size and gritty players to a fairly decent list of
prospects whom rate in the top ten in the league on regular basis, the
retiring of long time chief head scout Barry Fraser they wanted to go
out with a bang.

1st Rnd – 17th pick: LW/RW Alexei Mikhnov 6-5/200 Team: Yaroslavl
(RUS) Dob: 08-31-82 Sh: Left

Notes: This young man remains a bit of a enigma due to the infrequency
and lack of availability to see the native of Ukraine play, with the
cancellations of games and tournaments some scouts were reluctant to
make a full evaluation on him. With comparisons to Oleg Kvasha, Nik
Antropov and Andre Nazorov what to expect from Alexei may be hard to
gauge however his upside and potential could very well make him one of
the steals in the draft. with a large Ukrainian and Russian community in
Edmonton they will receive him with open arms and make Alexei fell like
part of the family which should make his transition easier.
Projection: Second line winger

2nd Rnd – 35th pick: C/LW Brad Winchester 6-4.5/208 Team: Wisconsin
(WCHA) Dob: 3-1-81 Sh: Left

Notes: Following in his fathers foot steps by attending Wisconsin and
will make his own mark in the NHL by using his size and fine speed to
make his presence felt. The attractive part of Brad’s game is his
understanding of the game along with his tenacious fore checking and
work around the net. He shows strong puck skills and good accurate wrist
shot with a surprisingly fast release.

Stats: U of Wisconsin Yr-99-00 gp-33 g-9 a-9 pts-18 Pim-48 +/-

Projection: Third line winger with size, similar to Mike Grier

3rd Rnd – 83rd pick: D Alexander Ljubimov 6-3/196 Team: Togliatti
(RUS) Dob: 15-2-80 Sh: Left

Notes: Has impressive strength for his size and plays a tough aggressive
game, works very hard and competes eve game. Shows the ability to put up
better numbers because he anticipates plays very well and maintains good
positional play while remaining affective in front of his own net. Could
possibly be a steal in the draft if he becomes a little more
intimidating like his country man Vladimir Konstantinov.

Stats: Togliatti Yr-99-00 gp-8 g-0 a-0 pts-0 pim-6

Samara Yr-99-00 gp-17 g-0 a-1 pts-1 pim-14
Projection: Number 4 or 5 two-way defense man

Day 2

4th Rnd – 113th pick: C/LW Lou Dickenson 6-1/192 Team: Mississauga
(OHL) Dob: 8-15-82

Stats: Mississauga Yr-99-00 gp-66 g-21 a-25 pts-46 pim-46

Mississauga Yr-98-99 gp-62 g-19 a-27 pts-46 pim-12

5th Rnd – 152nd pick: D Paul Flache 6-5/195 Team: Brampton (OHL)
Dob: 4-3-82

Stats: Brampton Yr-99-00 gp-54 g-1 a-0 pts-1 pim-59

6th Rnd – 184th pick: RW Shaun Norrie 6-3/185 Team: Calgary (WHL)
Dob: 9-15-82

Stats: Calgary Yr-99-00 gp-67 g-12 a-13 pts-25

7th Rnd – 211th pick: C/LW Joe Cullen 6-1/190 Team: Colorado College
(WHCA) Dob: 2-14-81

Stats: Colorado Yr-99-00 gp-29 g-4 a-6 pts-10

7th Rnd – 215th pick: C Matthew Lombardi 5-11/191 Team: Victoriaville
(QMJHL) Dob: 3-18-82

Stats: Victoriaville Yr-99-00 gp-65 g-18 a-26
pts-44 pim-28

Victoriaville Yr-98-00 gp-47 g-6 a-10
pts-16 pim-8

8th Rnd – 247th pick: D Jason Platt 6-0/210 Team: Omaha (USHL) Dob:

Stats: Omaha Yr-99-00 gp-49 g-1 a-6 pts-7 pim-65

9th Rnd – 274th pick: LW Evgeny Muratov 5-9/178 Team: Nizhnekamsk
Dob: 1-29-81

Note: Due to size was overlooked but is one of the stars on the Russian
Junior team and watch for him at the next World Junior Championship, he
could potentially be a Vyacheslav Kozlov clone.