The Editor’s Desk, March, 2007

By Ken McKenna

This year, the month of March lacked the drama of year’s past due to the NHL moving up the date of their trade deadline to the end of February.  The trade deadline is certainly one of the most newsworthy events here at Hockey’s Future, as it is always one of the heaviest traffic periods for the site.

In a humble bid to create a little March Madness of our own, Hockey’s Future will be releasing within the next few days its spring edition of the rankings of the top 50 NHL prospects.  This feature is perhaps the favorite of those that visit this site, and is always a hot topic of discussion at the HF Boards.  A handful of prospects from the last list released are on their way to graduated status, so this new list promises a bit of change.  Be sure to keep up with those changes as each installment of the list is released.

Along with the release of the Top 50 article, our NHL team writers also are in the process of releasing their ranking of the top 20 prospects for each NHL club.  Some of these articles already have been posted, and all of them should be released by the end of this month.  Just more fodder for some interesting discussion at the HF Boards.  Additionally, we’ll be offering our take on the top prospects in each of the three CHL leagues, so it is simply more must-see material for our loyal readers.

Of course, the release of the various rankings provides plenty of subject matter for Hockey’s >Future Radio host Dustin Nielson.  For the past year, Dustin has provided his stellar hosting skills to the weekly HF Radio webcast, heard live every Thursday at 9 PM EDT.  Dustin has done a fantastic job of bringing you some of the best hockey talk found on or off the internet, so be sure to listen to the live webcast each week.  If you can’t listen to the live show, however, you can still catch the archived version of the show at your leisure.  And don’t forget the HF podcasts available for your downloading pleasure.  We’ve had a nice surge in the number of podcast downloads in recent months, so we’re glad that you like what you hear.Hockey’s

Do you myspace?  Hockey’s Future does, so be sure to visit our myspace page during your next visit to that popular site.  We have a fun, hockey-themed Flash game posted at our page, so give it a try to see how high a score you can accumulate.  Of course, the whole myspace experience is about networking with friends old and new, so be sure to add Hockey’s Future as a friend while you’re visiting.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention the HF Boards.  The boards, of course, are the "town square" where our readers can meet to discuss all things hockey related (and some non-hockey subject matter, as well).  The HF Boards recently achieved a milestone, cracking the top 100 at Big, a site that ranks the most active message boards on the Internet.  This honor is a tribute to the hard work Buffaloed and company have put forth in making the HF Boards a welcoming and fun place for our readers to chat, bet some vBookie "money" (no worries, it isn’t real gambling), or play a video game in our HF Arcade.  If you haven’t yet experienced the message boards, please take the time to do so.

March, then, is a busy month in the Hockey’s Future universe, so be sure to check out all we have to offer.  And for those of you of Irish descent or those just wanting to be Irish for a day, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ken McKenna
Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future