Coyotes Draft Review

By pbadmin

Going into the 2000 draft I wanted the Coyotes to take a gamble on
players with huge upsides. They did not disappoint as several of the
Coyote picks were made for skilled offensive players who are years away
from making any sort of impact in the NHL. They even managed to grab
two overage draft re-entries that provide the Coyote roster with some
much needed depth for the short term.

As for the draft itself, after much reflection, I have to admit I was
fairly pleased with the group of prospects they grabbed with their
selections. It is not an “A” draft by any means, but I would give the
Coyote staff a grade of a “B-“. The grade would have been higher if the
Coyotes had been able to move up in the draft or if more information
were available on second round pick Tatarinov. The Coyote drafting
strategy highlighted the need to bring players with the potential to
play on a top line. I am also biased by the selection of Ramzi Abid who
I feel will make an immediate impact for the Coyotes. It would be
fantastic if Abid could develop into the type of player that Shane Doan
has become. I think Daniel Briere could find some room to work some
magic playing in between these two behemoths. I have a feeling that
Abid will be on the NHL roster next season; especially if the Coyotes
are unable to come to terms with free agent wingers Greg Adams or Benoit
Hogue. So with apologies to Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, here
is a quick recap of the Coyotes draft.

Coyotes first selection (19th overall) (Hockey News Ranking - 27)
Kris Kolanos 6'2" 196 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Boston College NCAA 42 16 17 33 46
1998-99 Calgary AJHL 58 43 67 110 NA

Alexander Tatarinov is small winger who is best known for his role as
captain on the silver medal winning Russian under-18 squad. Central
Scouting notes his high skill level and leadership abilities along with
his lack of strength. Upside? A second or third line two-way winger.
My analysis: I was hoping Endicrot would slip another pick to fall into
the lap of the Coyotes. Tatarinov is a small forward with character.
I’m hoping that character is enough for him to make it to the pro team.

Coyotes second selection (53rd overall) (Hockey News Ranking - 44)
Alexander Tatarinov 5'11" 176lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Yaroslavl Rus. 2 - - - - -
Russia WU18 6 3 2 5 4
Russia 5-Nat 4 0 3 3 -

Ramzi Abid is the highly touted former first round pick of the Colorado
Avalanche who re-entered the draft after a lengthy contract dispute with
that franchise. Ramzi Abid is power forward who is capable of putting
up penalty minutes and points in high numbers. The only knock on Abid
is his quickness, which most scouts consider to be below average. Abid
should be able to play within two seasons for the Coyotes. Upside? A
power forward in the mold of Kevin Stevens. My analysis: They grabbed
the best player available at 85, no question about it. The Coyotes will
be thankful that Abid decided to re-enter the draft.

Coyotes third selection (85th overall)
Ramzi Abid 6'2" 205lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Halifax QMJHL 59 57 80 137 148
Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL 13 10 11 21 61
1998-99 Acadie-Bathurst QMJHL 24 14 22 36 102
Chicoutimi QMJHL 21 11 15 26 97
1997-98 Chicoutimi QMHJL 68 50 85 135 266
1996-97 Chicoutimi QMJHL 65 13 24 37 151

Central Scouting had Nate Kiser rated 77th overall. The Coyotes grabbed
him at the 160th spot. He is an aggressive defensive defenseman.

Coyotes fourth selection (160th overall)
Nate Kiser 6'1" 190 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Plymouth OHL 63 3 5 8 102

Brent Gauvreau was originally drafted by the Calgary Flames in the fifth
round in 1988. He’s big, and can put the points on the board.
Gauvreau, a centerman has led his team in scoring the past two seasons.
Bobby Smith calls Gautreau a dark horse to make the Coyotes next season.
He adds much needed depth to the Coyote depth chart. A very nice
addition for the Coyotes.

Coyotes fifth selection (186th overall)
Brent Gauvreau 6'3" 194 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Oshawa OHL 59 34 53 87 74
1998-99 Oshawa OHL 68 33 62 95 57
1997-98 Oshawa OHL 66 25 42 67 39

Igor Samoilov is a small defenseman at 5’11 and 189 lbs. He was rated
at the 29th best European prospect by Central Scouting but his stock
plummeted on draft day. He could be a steal at the 217th spot.

Coyotes sixth selection (217th overall)
Igor Samoilov 5'11" 189 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Yaroslavl Russia 41 1 3 4 50

Sami Velanien, a RW, is touted as an excellent skater who is hard to
knock off the puck who relishes contact. However, he is small by NHL

Coyotes seventh selection (249th overall)
Sami Velalainen 5'11" 183 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Tappara Jr. Finland 37 8 9 17 18

Peter Fubus is the third centerman the Coyotes have grabbed in this
draft. Fabus is a teammate of top prospect Marian Gaborik. Fabus was
second on the team for goals scored and is being touted as a good
playmaker with great upside. Still, he did drop to the 281st spot for a
reason. I’d be willing to bet that unless he has leprosy, his
defensive abilities and grit leaves “something to be desired”. Still
the Coyotes need depth and at this point in the draft, you take what you
can get.

Coyotes eighth selection (281st overall)
Peter Fabus 6'1" 191 lbs

Year Team League GP G A Pts PM

1999-00 Dukla Trenchin Slovenia 54 20 11 31 34