Five NHL players to follow on Twitter

By Ken McKenna
Paul Bissonnette - Phoenix Coyotes

Photo: Phoenix Coyotes winger Paul Bissonnette is known on the ice as that NHL team’s resident tough guy, but he has also garnered a large following on Twitter through his wide-ranging tweeting (courtesy of Derik Hamilton/Icon SMI)


When it comes to social media usage, athletes in general have mostly shied away from excessive public commentary. After all, what person, famous or otherwise, wants to run the risk of presenting a garbled mass of characters that may have no meaning to those reading a tortured mini-missive, or worse, wants to post something off-putting or downright embarrassing that will land said individual in the social media Hall of Shame?

But a few brave athletes have embraced the world of tweets, retweets, and hashtags, with Twitter being a particular favorite social venue for hockey players. And there are a few current NHL players that have embraced Twitter with a particular gusto that is rare for those already in the public eye from their exploits on the ice.

As a public service to readers of Hockey's Future, here is a short list of NHL players that you may want to follow on Twitter. They may not always have something interesting to say, but they at least will post tweets that go beyond the usual "shout out" or "you da man" tweets that seem to be the norm in most hockey player Twitter feeds.

Dustin Penner, Anaheim Ducks
Twitter Handle: @Dustinpenner25

Penner has moved cross-town from the Los Angeles Kings to the rival Anaheim Ducks. The hulking forward has nearly 88,000 followers, most of whom love the Ducks' returnee, but also likely numbering a few that love the verbal sparring that can take place in Penner's Twitter feed. Penner will never be mistaken for a poet laureate, but he can still produce interesting tweets such as the following:

Andrew Ference, Edmonton Oilers
Twitter Handle – @Ferknuckle

If Penner provides a little bombast, then the Oilers' free agent acquisition Ference tends to present a more cultured bent in his tweeting – well, at least when he isn't tweeting about pro wrestling. For evidence of Ference's more artsy side, we present this tweet:

Joffrey Lupul, Toronto Maple Leafs
Twitter Handle – @JLupul

When your surname is part of fashion-oriented website –, to be exact – it is easy to understand how Maple Leafs' forward Joffrey Lupul has developed a reputation for being a snappy dresser. And Lupul's Twitter feed does nothing to discourage that notion, with tweets like the following:

Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks
Twitter Handle – @strombone1

If you want honesty from the players that you follow via Twitter, then few wear their heart on their sleeve the way Canucks' goaltender Roberto Luongo has over the past year or so. Most of Luongo's tweeting is fairly light-hearted rather than heavy, though, as this recent tweet regarding a certain NHL rookie's showy goal would attest:

Paul Bissonnette, Phoenix Coyotes
Twitter Handle – @BizNasty2point0

What Wayne Gretzky was to the game of hockey, Coyotes' winger Bissonnette is to the hockey Twtterverse, which is to say that no player quite dominates the 140-character canvas the way that the hard-nosed Bissonnette has since he first ventured onto that social media platform. And the subject matter covered on his Twitter feed? Pretty much any thought lodged in Bissonnette's head at a particular moment. The big winger isn't afraid to spar with his followers in the way that he battles with opposing players on the ice (when he plays, at least). But he also isn't afraid to poke fun at himself, as this tweet following the first NHL goal scored by teammate and goaltender Mike Smith indicates:

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