The Editor’s Desk, September, 2007

By Ken McKenna

Welcome back!

Another season begins at Hockey’s Future, our 10th full season of covering hockey prospects from around the globe.  If you’ve taken a vacation from the game and this site, you may notice some changes to the design of HF.  Thanks to the fine work of our designer and programmer, we’ve introduced a cleaner, more professional look to the site which we think you’ll enjoy.

While the look of HF has changed some, we still bring you the same, informative features that you’ve come to expect.  For instance, our staff has already provided rankings of the top 20 prospects for many of the NHL clubs, and they are now bringing you previews for the NHL camps.  Also, there will be previews of the AHL farm teams starting later in September, as well as previews of the CHL leagues.  And the latest ranking of the to 50 NHL prospects is being released as I type this, so be on the lookout for what is perhaps the favorite feature of our readers.

One feature that has been neglected a bit but we’d like to see revived is the HF Mailbag.  The HF Mailbag was setup as a means for our readers to ask questions of our staff regarding hockey prospects.  If you have some information you’d like regarding a prospect and this information can’t be easily found, you can send your question to [email protected] and one of our staff will be happy to provide that answer.  Please keep in mind that we have several writers sporting media crdentials, so the answer provided in the HF Mailbag feature will be an informed one. 

If your desire is to discuss anything hockey-related, and even some things unrelated to the game, you can visit the HF Boards to satisfy this urge.  The HF Boards feature the most lively and informative hockey discussion on the internet, bar none.  So be sure to setup your account if you haven’t already done so, and join the other rabid hockey fans at the HF Boards. 

But not everything we do at HF is text-based, as we also provide you audio content in the form of HF Radio.  Webcast/podcast host Dustin Nielson will be back for another season of interesting hockey talk with many of the newsmakers from around the hockey prospect world.  Dustin is currently on hiatus due to a move to Fort McMurray, Alberta, but he and the audio content will return to the ether on October 4th.  The webcast runs every Thursday, from 9 PM to 10 PM EST, with podcasts being offered 3-4 days per week.

So settle in, put away the sunblock and the hammock, and prepare yourself for another season of hockey prospect coverage at Hockey’s Future.

Ken McKenna
Managing Editor, Hockey’s Future