Tim Miller

Tim Miller


Davisburg Michigan



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180 lbs.

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Miller finished this past season tied for sixth on the team with 38 points (17 goals, 21 assists) in 59 appearances for Omaha. Miller also finished the 2004-05 season with128 penalty minutes, which was second on the Lancers roster. He participated in the 2005 USHL Prospects/All-Star game in Grand Forks, ND back in February as a member of Team USHL.

Attends the University of Michigan.

Talent Analysis

Omaha head coach Mike Hastings’ insights on Tim Miller: “Tim is the prototypical power forward. I think Tim is a guy that invites physical contact, that’s part of his package. He can intimidate through physical play. When he hits, he hits to hurt. He’s an explosive player that way. I think Michigan is going to look for him to come in and give them a physical presence and do all of the ‘ugly’ things. I think they’ll be looking at Tim to play in all of the tough areas such as in front of the net and along the backboards and still be able to contribute offensively. His contributions to Michigan I don’t think are going to be seen immediately on the score sheet. However, the impact that he’ll have on the team will be felt on day one. Tim is a throwback type of player. Tim is the kind of guy that coaches would love to have on their team because when you go to war with guys like Tim, more often than not you’re going to come out of it on the positive side. I just think that he has a great mind for the game. He is an above average skater who is powerful. Tim’s first couple of steps is one of his weaknesses. His strength is being more of a powerful skater rather than a quick one. He has a heavy shot but it takes him a bit longer to get rid of it. Tim is very good defensively and he is a very conscious player. He’ll block shots, fight, do whatever he has to do to succeed. I believe that his competitiveness and his excellent work ethic are going to be the things that will help Tim succeed at Michigan.”