Team Depth Chart of NHL Prospects
  • Depth at center
  • Many prospects ready for NHL
  • Depth in goaltending
  • Lack of depth and talent on wing

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Prospect Criteria

Legend of Players' Leagues
Playing in N.A. Pro (NHL, AHL, ECHL, etc.)
Playing in CHL (OHL, QMJHL, WHL)
Playing in NCAA
Playing in Europe
Playing in Junior 'A' (USHL, BCHL, AJHL, etc.)
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League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Linus Ullmark Europe 7.5 D
2. Cal Petersen NCAA 7.0 C
3. Andrey Makarov Pro 7.0 D
4. Jason Kasdorf NCAA 7.0 D
5. Jonas Johansson Europe 6.5 C
6. Nathan Lieuwen Pro 6.0 C

Right Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Justin Bailey Pro 7.5 C
2. Nick Baptiste CHL 7.5 C
3. Victor Olofsson Europe 7.5 D
4. Hudson Fasching Pro 7.0 C
5. Vaclav Karabacek CHL 7.0 D
6. Judd Peterson NCAA 6.0 D
7. Colin Jacobs Pro 5.0 C

Left Wing

League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Jimmy Vesey Pro 7.5 B
2. William Carrier Pro 7.0 C
3. Alex Guptill Pro 7.0 D
4. Daniel Catenacci Pro 7.0 D
5. Gustav Possler Europe 7.0 D
6. Jack Nevins Pro 6.0 C
7. Evan Rodrigues Pro 6.0 D
8. Max Willman NCAA 5.5 C
9. Jean Dupuy CHL 5.5 D


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Connor Hurley NCAA 7.5 D
2. Tim Schaller Pro 6.5 C
3. Sean Malone NCAA 6.5 C
4. Eric Cornel CHL 6.5 C
5. Justin Kea Pro 6.0 C
6. Christopher Brown Junior 6.0 D
7. Giorgio Estephan CHL 6.0 D


League Prosp. talent Prob. of success
1. Chad Ruhwedel Pro 7.0 C
2. Brendan Guhle CHL 7.0 C
3. Anthony Florentino NCAA 6.5 C
4. Brycen Martin CHL 6.5 C
5. Michael Sdao Pro 6.5 D
6. Brady Austin Pro 6.0 C
7. Devante Stephens CHL 6.0 C
8. Jerome Gauthier-Leduc Pro 6.0 D
9. Ivan Chukarov NCAA 6.0 D
10. Will Borgen NCAA 6.0 D

Sabres Make Roster Moves

by pbadmin

The Buffalo Sabres have recently made several moves involving their prospects.

First, Buffalo farm club Rochester re-assigned Mike Zanutto (C 6-0 190) and Daniel Bienvenue (LW 6-1 196) to South Carolina of the ECHL. This move was done so these two young players could see more game action. Also it is expected that Mark Dutiame (LW 6-1 180) will also be assigned to the ECHL, when and if he ever gets healthy. (It should be noted that Mark has played a grand total of only 20 games since he was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1995 draft)

Then Buffalo sent Jay McKee (D 6-3 200) and Erik Rasmussen (C 6-2 207) down to Rochester of the AHL. Both players were in Sabres coach Lindy Ruff’s doghouse and they had been spending more time in the press box than on the ice. The Rasmussen move is not unexpected as Buffalo management want him to see more quality ice time at the center position. The McKee move is very unexpected. McKee’s progress last year was one of the key reason Buffalo made no attempt to re-sign free agent Gary Galley. He has been very inconsistent all year and down right terrible lately. The move will hopefully restore his confindence longterm.

Rochester now is the home of three first round picks in Jay McKee (95′-a), Erik Rasmussen (96′) and Martin Biron (95′-b).

Buffalo Sabres Update

by pbadmin
Buffalo recently sent Erik Rasmussen and Jay McKee down to Rochester to get
more playing time. Buffalo also allowed Rochester to re-assign Mike Zanutto
and Daniel Bienvenue to South Carolina of the ECHL for the same reason.

I had a chance to talk with the Sabres Direction of Player Developement and
the Head of the Scouting Department, Don Luce, he told me that as of now
Buffalo has no plans to recall anyone besides Rasmussen, McKee, Mike Hurlbut
(D) or Patrice Tardif (RW) (both a veterans) and maybe Scott Nichol. He felt none of
the other prospects were ready to contribute at the NHL. Luce also stated
that he was surprised by the overall positive play of Jean-Luc Grande-Pierre
and Denis Hamel. Both came into training camp with serious questions marks a
both need to pick up their skating. In each case their poor skating was
considered the key in holding back any NHL career. Grande-Pierre has improved
quite a bit, while Hamel is
improving much slower but he is using his other assets to catch the scouts
Luce also state that he was thrilled to hear how well Alexie Tezikov was
playing but he hadn’t had a chance to see an QMJHL games. He was planning and
making a round in mid January to look at the Russian and Francois Methot.

As of Mid-Decemember 1997, here is my current feeling as to the Sabres top

Rank Player Ht. Wt. Age location (league) +/- from Nov. Read more»

Sabres Update

by pbadmin

Note: I want to open this report by correcting a mistake a made during my
Sabres prospect writeup. I confused two Sabres draft picks. I identified
Martin Menard using Marian Menhart bio line. As you can tell the two have
very similar names and if you look too quickly you can confuse the two, which
I did. Martin is actually 5-8 165lb LW, not a 6-3 220lb D as I identified.
Marian Menhart (Prince Albert) was never offered a contract but he was at
the Sabres training camp as a special invite.

I appoligize for the confusion. The mistake was completely unacceptable.

As of Mid-November 1997, here is my current feeling as to the Sabres top

Note: I still am not ranking the Sabres European based players as I do not
have enough specific information about them. I will wait until after the
World Junior Championships to rank them.

Rank Player size age team (league) Oct. rank
1. Cory Sarich 6-3 182 19 Saskatoon (WHL) 1
2. Maxim Afinogenov 5-11 176 18 Moscow Dynamo (Russia) 2
3. Alexei Tezikov 6-1 198 19 Moncton (QMJHL) 4
4. Martin Biron 6-1 160 20 Rochester (AHL) 6
5. Vaclav Varada 6-0 200 21 Rochester (AHL) 7
6. Darren Van Oene 6-3 207 19 Brandon (WHL) 3
7. J-L. Grand-Pierre 6-3 207 20 Rochester (AHL) 9 Read more»

The Sabres Present and Future

by pbadmin
Why has it taken the Sabres so long to attempt to build a winner thru player development. Buffalo always seemed to have this win now attitude, the problem was they never did ‘win now’. From 1983 to 1993 Buffalo advanced past the first round of the playoff once. Yet year after year Sabres brass committed the same mistakes, trading young talent for seasoned veterans. Much of that young talent ended up developing nicely for other clubs.

From 1980 to 1994, Buffalo drafted an amazing 27 defensemen who seriously contributed at the NHL level. However in 1995, only one, yes one, was actually playing for the then blue and gold, Richard Smehlik. The rest had all been given away: John Carney, Kevin Haller, Phil Housley, Calle Johnansson, Joe Reekie, Bill Houlder, the list goes on an on. Now, none of those names are superstars but please, that would have made a nice NHL blue line.

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