Video: 2012 World Junior Championship – Ernest Bokros, Slovakia

by Ken McKenna

Slovakia had to wait until the second day of the 2012 World Junior Championship to play their first game of the tournament.  Their opponent, Latvia, proved to be a more formidable foe than maybe the Slovaks had expected, but Slovakia nevertheless came away with a 3-1 win.

Slovakia head coach Ernest Bokros talked to the media about the win after the game.

Slovak Draft Preview

by Daniel Kysel

The 2000 NHL entry draft is right around the corner and I am back as I promised in my previous article. I will now focus on Slovak players who might be picked in this draft. I divided these players into four categories. The first category includes hot prospects who are ranked in the top 40 of the North American and European CSB lists. The second category includes kids who are ranked in the top 100. The third category mentions junior prospects who were not ranked. The fourth and final category specifies over-aged players who are in my opinion really solid prospects not only for the top European Elites but also for the NHL, even though they are not 18 or 19.

First Category

No doubt that Marián Gáborík (CSB Euro #4, 02-14-1982, 6’1″ 183 lb., LW, Trencín – Extraliga, 50GP 25G-22A-47Pts +1 34PIM) is the top Slovak and European prospect. He has a real chance to be the #1 pick. While CSB ranks him at #4 on the European list, a lot of scouts, GM’s, journalists, and fans do not dispute that he is the best prospect. It does not matter whether Marián will be selected as #1 or 2 or 3. He has all the potential to start in the best hockey league next season and prove his obvious talent. In the last two seasons he refused more serious offers from IHL and QMJHL (where he was picked in the import draft) and stayed to play in the Slovak Elite – Extraliga. However, next season will be a big challenge for him and he will make the account of that.

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NHL Drafts – Slovak Review (1988 – 1999)

by Daniel Kysel

As the date of the NHL draft comes closer, people look forward to this big day in the life of these 18-20 year old prospects. Slovak fans are no exception to this rule.

Many scouts and GM’s could take a lesson from past drafts in order to avoid missing out on some good Slovak prospects. I can draw your attention to the fact that many scouts think Slovakia is just Bratislava (Slovak capital located in western part of the country) and maybe 50 miles from there. They have omitted and still omit the kids from central and eastern Slovakia where some teams e.g. Martin, Poprad, Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Zvolen, are grooming very talented prospects – Svehla, Bondra, Suchy, Bartecko, Handzus, Zednik, Orszagh, Petrovicky, Nagy, Vaic etc. All these players grew up neither in Bratislava nor in western Slovakia. Dear scouts, do not forget to travel across Slovakia to see other rinks, not just Bratislava, Nitra and Trencin.

However, I do not want to write about new prospects (it will be in my next article). My target is to review the players who have already been drafted.

I will start in 1988 because the other players drafted before this year retired except for two 40-year-old veterans – Igor Liba (37 games on L.A. and N.Y.R.) and Miroslav Ihnacak (56 games on Toronto).

Explanatory note:

Name, year of birth, NHL team and No. of pick, position, team in draft year, mother team, last season team


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Slovak Hockey Update

by Daniel Kysel

End of Regular Season 1999-2000

Slovak Elite (West Extraliga)

The Slovak Elite (Extraliga) regular season is now over and we now know which teams have
play-off berths, which team has been demoted as well as what new team will be in the
Extraliga for next season.

Please find below basic data of Extraliga:

Slovan Bratislava5634157233:13375
HKm Zvolen5631169219:16171
SKP Poprad5629198182:16266
Dukla Trencin5627209207:15163
HK36 Skalica56232211159:17557
HK32 L. Mikulas56202016157:18456
HC Kosice56123311142:23535
HK VTJ S. N. Ves56 9407114:22125

STATISTICS (after 56 games)

Leading scorers
Name, year of birth, teamGPGAPts+/-PIM
1Vlastimil Plavucha (68), Zvolen54432972+4476
2ZdenoCiger (69), Bratislava51233962+2948
3Arne Krotak (72), Poprad56332861+2564
4Richard Sechny (71), Zvolen49243155+2948
5Jan Plch (74), Poprad56243155+2736
6Petr Vlk (64), L.Mikulas55154055+362
7Lubomir Kolnik (68), Bratislava55282452+3530
8Lubomir Hurtaj (75), Trencin56252752+3318
9Vasilij Pankov (68), Bratislava55223052+4548
10Jan Lipiansky (74), Bratislava46302151+3918

Leading scorers - defencemen
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